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November 7, 2023

How IT Can Support a Successful CLM Implementation

Today’s IT leaders and decision-makers are driving enterprise-wide decisions around digital transformation and investments in technology—especially important, given their availability and powerful capabilities.
November 6, 2023

Supply Chain Malfeasance Is in the News Again. Here’s How Contract Intelligence Can Keep You Safe

In a world where supply chain malfeasance continues to be a persistent challenge for organizations, the power of contracts cannot be overstated.
October 31, 2023

Shaping the Future of Healthcare with Generative AI

Across the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem, there is intense interest in how generative AI will change the way the industry operates and delivers for patients.
September 18, 2023

The Importance of a Secure CLM System in a Data-Driven World

Discover why a secure Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system is essential in today’s data-driven world. A good CLM system can protect valuable business data from threats, fines, and reputation damage. Learn about key security features to look for when evaluating CLM solutions.
September 13, 2023

Connecting CLM with Other Critical Enterprise Systems

Discover the crucial role IT plays in integrating Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) with other enterprise systems to drive digital transformation success. Learn why seamless integrations with enterprise systems are essential and how CLM can become the authoritative fifth system of record.
September 5, 2023

Understanding Contract Intelligence and AI for IT Teams

Learn how AI-powered contract intelligence can extract structured data from unstructured contract clauses and connect the organization to the rich business insights hidden within them. Discover how seamless integration with an organization’s existing systems can help ensure compliance and avoid shadow deployment of contract management solutions.
August 29, 2023

Using AI to Zap Contract Risk in the Energy and Utilities Sector

As one of the world's largest and most highly regulated industries, the energy and utility sector (E&U) contends with a long and growing list of risks.
August 17, 2023

Contract Intelligence for Government Contractors: What, Why, and Why Now?

To win more contracts and turn a profit while delivering on their promise to their Federal Government customers, government contractors (GovCons) can’t rely on legacy contract management systems and approaches. They need a single source of truth that provides clarity on the intent of the contract at any and every point in time.
August 15, 2023

The Importance of Integrations for Effective Contract Management

The business landscape is constantly evolving at a record pace. To stay competitive in a global market, organizations need to adapt and embrace digital transformation and integration across their organizations.