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March 30, 2022

The C-Suite Is Getting Serious About Trust. Better Contracting Can Help Them Build It.

At Icertis, we consider building trust core to what we do as a developer of contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology. After all, contracts are ...

November 11, 2021

5 Contracting KPIs Every High-Performing Team Should Measure

As with all business functions, contract managers don't want just to create value for their organizations; they want to be able to measure and ...

September 28, 2021

With 8% of Their Bottom Line at Stake, Companies Are Doubling Down on Contracting Excellence

Key Takeaways: The pandemic made better contract management an executive priority at high-performing organizations Contracting best practices are linked to an 8% reduction in ...

March 14, 2021

Why CLM Is Must-Have Technology for the C-Suite

From my experience building and leading businesses, and in my capacity serving as U.S. Secretary of Commerce, I have a deep appreciation for how ...

January 27, 2021

It's time for HR to take charge and assume the leadership position: Pranali Save, Icertis

In this interview with ETHRWorld, Pranali Save, Chief Human Resources Officer, Icertis, talks about the HR trends, the evolving employee-employer relationship, and how technology ...

July 1, 2020

Three Ways We'll Come Out of Today's Crisis Stronger: Letter from an Optimist

It's probably an understatement to say that the last four months have been the most challenging ever faced by many business leaders. The COVID crisis ...

May 21, 2020

Contracting, Canines and TikTok: A Recap and Other Musings from the Meeting of the Minds

BERNADETTE: Thanks again, Craig, for taking the time out of your busy day to film the "Contracting Top Ten: Preparing for the (New) Future ...

May 15, 2020

Shrinking the Generational Tech Divide: Three Considerations as You Prepare for Legal Department Change

I recently departed a family video conference call that included a multitude of generations: from my tech-averse, almost-80-year-old mother all the way to her 'tween ...

October 28, 2019

What Does the Future Hold for Enterprise Contract Management? A Conversation with Forrester Research

A few weeks ago, Icertis hosted an in-depth conversation about Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) between Forrester Research's Andrew Bartels, one of the leading analysts ...