NEW REPORT: The State of CLM and AI-Powered Contract Intelligence

2024 CLM Trends Mid-Year Report

The State of CLM and AI-Powered Contract Intelligence

30+ datapoints from Icertis-sponsored research that demonstrate where AI-powered contracting technology stands today, where it is going, and how your organization can seize the moment in 2024 and beyond.

Across the board, analysts, experts and corporate contracting practitioners are already seeing the monumental impact of generative AI. Such monumental impact, in fact, that it can be hard to keep up with where the critical business practice of contract management is going.

That’s why we created this report. 

As the leading provider of contract intelligence technology, Icertis is proud to sponsor a wide range of contracting research to help organizations get more value from their business relationships. For the first time, we are bringing the most important findings from this research into a single report.

Access the report today and learn:

  • Where your peers stand on their journey to better contracting outcomes
  • The biggest barriers they face to improvement
  • Key technology and organizational trends impacting contract management
  • How AI is changing everything

Your journey to contracting success starts here!