NEW REPORT: The State of CLM and AI-Powered Contract Intelligence

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2024 ProcureCon CPO Report

See how today’s CPOs are meeting new expectations around sustainability and supply chain performance by transforming how they do business.

Learn How CPOs are Leveraging AI to Drive Value

Today’s CPOs are being asked by their organizations to transform operations to drive sustainability and performance across their supply chain. 

In this year’s ProcureCon CPO Survey, WBR Insights explores how procurement leaders are stepping up to this moment by leveraging emerging technologies and reimagined processes.

Access the report today for insights on:

  • Trends in how procurement leaders are influencing corporate strategy 
  • How CPOs are deploying generative AI to achieve their goals
  • Procurement’s central role in achieving sustainability goals

“The current context is a career-defining moment for CPOs. Procurement leaders who demonstrate value to the enterprise can become full-fledged strategic partners.”
- McKinsey & Co.