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When the going gets tough, legal ops gets going.

Answering the Call: The 15th Annual Law Department Operations Survey

The LDO function was made for tough times.

For 15 years, the annual Law Department Operations (LDO) Survey has taken the pulse of legal operations leaders. This year’s survey finds a legal ops community facing tighter budgets and bigger responsibilities. 

Legal operations professionals should be perfectly situated to respond to this moment. After all, they control many of the valves in the law department that can be pulled to release this pressure, such as outside counsel spend, the use of technology, metrics, processes and other areas. As we enter uncharted territory in 2023 that could result in a period of extreme stress, this year’s survey results serve as a referendum on how truly ready LDO professionals are to release these pressures.

Access the report today to learn from hundreds of your peers on how they are answering the challenge. Insights include: 

  • The top three challenges facing legal ops departments today
  • How legal department budgets are faring in 2023
  • Keys to getting the most value from contract management software and other legal tech

Today’s LDOs have a golden opportunity to demonstrate leadership and value by bringing efficiency and value-generating data to an area of business that still considers itself more art than science. Make this report your companion as you answer the call to create a stronger legal function.