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Icertis Contract Intelligence 8.1 Release

Achieve new heights of productivity, automation, and innovation with Icertis Contract Intelligence Release 8.1 At Icertis, we constantly innovate to empower our customers with a future-ready product that ensures their contract management processes scale up to meet their organization’s complex and evolving needs. Release 8.1 offers new features and applications to amplify productivity and enhance the user experience to further drive user adoption.

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Release 8.1

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Expedite Contract Creation and Negotiation with a New Collaboration Experience in MS Team

Collaborating on contract creation and negotiation with stakeholders often turns into a game of phone tag, ending in miscommunication. A lack of real-time collaboration when creating or negotiating a contract leads to wasted effort and mistakes.

To make contract collaboration more effective and expedite the contracting lifecycle, ICI now leverages the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Teams to help internal teams collaborate on contract creation and negotiation workflows. The Teams integrations will help ICI users use a single communication system, with discussions held in the context of the agreement.

Boost Your Work Efficiency with Enhanced ICI Business Applications

ICI business applications, built on top of Icertis’ industry-defining contract intelligence platform, address specific business challenges to help customers ramp up quickly, streamline contracts and processes, close deals faster, and connect the dots across departments.

The latest release features major enhancements across the Obligations, Rebates, Sourcing, and Supplier Relationship Management applications, which helps ICI users boost efficiency.

This release introduces a Supplier Evaluation module in the Supplier Relationship Management suite, which will help organizations manage supplier performance and evaluate and mitigate risks associated with working with suppliers.

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The Icertis Contract Intelligence platform just keeps getting better

We hope you’ll love these enhancements to the ICI Platform and what they mean for your business growth. These are just a few of the many new capabilities that are on the way. We believe ICI Platform and the applications will be a foundational tool to provide your business Icertis strategic advantage—and we’re just getting started.

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