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Contract Lifecycle Management

Automate and streamline your contract processes with Icertis CLM

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Accelerate and optimize the contract lifecycle

Icertis contract lifecycle management (CLM) is at the core of Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform. At every step in the contracting process, from initiation to post-execution management, Icertis CLM connects the people, processes, systems and data to power efficient contract lifecycle management and inform business strategy with total contract visibility and insights.


Get more value from your enterprise contracts with the leading CLM solution

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) capabilities are the core of the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform. Leverage our platform to bring speed, compliance, and value to every step in the contracting process, from contract creation, to negotiation, to post-execution management.  

  • Standardize and automate

    Ensure enterprise-wide consistency while empowering speed and flexibility with rule-based authoring and approvals.

  • Increase agility

    Adapt to constant change by easily modeling complex organizations, global business relationships, and contracting processes.

  • Reduce cycle time

    Accelerate contracts with efficient, standardized, and automated contracting processes

  • Boost compliance

    Streamline compliance with terms automatically cataloged and obligations tracked

  • Accelerate time to revenue

    Connect people, terms, and processes for faster contracting with a single digital contracting hub.

  • Increase negotiation effectiveness

    Gain full visibility into past, present, and pending contract data across the enterprise.

  • Manage contracts at scale

    Transform contract volume into a strategic asset with centralized digital CLM.

  • Get ahead of risks

    Gain proactive risk insights and ensure you fulfill obligations with powerful CLM compliance tools.

  • Increase ROI

    Get the most out of your agreements with in-depth contract visibility powered by intelligent analytics.

  • Give employees the power of CLM

    Empower your teams to put contracts to work with intuitive, personalized, role-based experiences.

Complete CLM Platform

Digitize and connect all contract data to accelerate the end-to-end contract lifecycle

Bring every contract, whether corporate, buy-side, or sell-side, into a single unified CLM platform. Realize better contract language and reduce administration across contract types, from NDAs and MSAs to IP licensing agreements and pricing terms. Harness contract data to empower orchestration and control of operations and access deep business insights on spend, delivery, and compliance to drive better business outcomes.

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How to Evaluate CLM Solutions: Critical Capabilities

See how Icertis compares across the 12 critical capabilities identified in the 2023 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Contract Lifecycle Management report. As a companion to the Magic Quadrant™, the Critical Capabilities report scores CLM products and services to help buyers evaluate solutions for best fit across different use cases.

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Intelligent Contract Setup

Adapt to ever-changing business dynamics with hyperflexible configuration

Unmatched configuration flexibility

  • Configure dynamic workflows and model organizational attributes, contract types and related objects, as well as forms.
  • Establish rules-supported agreement relationships including parent-child and peer-to-peer.
  • Drive intelligent processes with robust rules engines and with multi-org architecture to support global matrix organizations.

Personalized experiences

  • Ensure ease of use with deep Microsoft Office integration and an intuitive, responsive, mobile-friendly user interface (UI).
  • Empower employee self-service with built-in onboarding and learning tools.
  • Provide relevant access with role-based and personalized dashboards and workbench.

Enterprise-grade Security and Administration

  • Tailor and control user access with role- and organization-based access, rule-based dynamic access control, and granular access controls on fields, documents and actions.
  • Manage highly sensitive confidential contracts.
  • Streamline administration with enterprise-class tools including auto provision, bulk replace, extended data model, and rights management.

Cloud-native, Scalable Architecture

  • Gain the full cloud advantage of Microsoft Azure native architecture for highly secure and scalable deployments with support for hybrid deployment and distributed storage.
  • Scale globally with a localized, multilingual and multi-currency platform.
  • Extend the value of CLM across the business through a robust API library with packaged integrations.

Streamlined Contract Operations

Efficiently scale contract administration, collaborate on and manage the entire contracting lifecycle, end to end.

Rapid Contract Generation

  • Enable self-service with flexible, rule-based contracting workflows.
  • Accelerate contract generation with dynamic assembly of clauses, pricing tables, exhibits, and related documents as well as by starting with templates and third-party paper.
  • Automate contract intake with integration to CRM and Sourcing systems.

Intelligent Negotiation and Execution

  • Streamline collaboration with both internal and external parties with email integration and a controlled-access collaboration portal.
  • Upgrade negotiations with assistance from historical insights and two-way document sync to identify, report and track all negotiation changes.
  • Ensure smooth contract execution with packaged integrations for electronic signatures as well as support for manual signatures.

Simple, Scalable Contract Administration

  • Reduce administration time with automated reminders and tools to easily manage and track expiries, renewals, amendments, completion and terminations.
  • Trigger updates based on policy changes.
  • Conduct governance reviews, capture compliance and performance data.

Advanced Monitoring and Bulk Processing

  • Configure notifications for contract lifecycle alerts and set up rule-based exception alerts.
  • Simplify with bulk processing across contract operations including to generate contracts, apply amendments and updates, and trigger workflow actions.

Comprehensive Governance and Risk Management

Standardize and monitor contract creation, negotiation, and post-execution management to mitigate risks.

Standardize Contract Content

  • Standardize contracts with templates; clause libraries with fallbacks and dependents; rule-based authoring to allow approved language only; and rule-based inclusion of exhibits and documents.
  • Enforce terms based on relationship rules such as MSA to SOW and sell-side to buy-side.
  • Leverage packaged integrations for products and pricing.

Automate Obligation Management

  • Seamlessly manage both manual and rule-driven commitments.
  • Identify and assign one-time or recurring actions to internal and external users with notifications, tasks and fulfillment actions.
  • Advance obligation lifecycle management with AI and machine learning support.

Intelligent Negotiation Tracking and Workflows

  • Ensure correct approvals for deviations in terms/clauses with dynamic approval workflows plus dependent workflows for distributed process compliance with external systems.
  • Automate correct execution to authorized signatories with rule-based signature flow.
  • Simplify tracking and reporting with automated version management and audit history.

Apply Powerful Risk and Commercial Compliance Tools

  • Enforce contract terms on order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes and enforce review and administration tasks based on risks.
  • Intake transaction data to measure compliance to terms, budgets, and plans.
  • Identify and quantify contract risk based on contract attributes and term deviations and integrate with third-party tools to measure risk.

Powerful Reporting and Dashboards

Reduce contract cycle times, improve negotiation outcomes, and increase ROI with intelligent analytics.


Built on the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform, Icertis AI Studio empowers users to create their own customized AI models and train them to identify patterns, discover hidden insights, and recommend actions. This enables them to make real-time decisions and take actions based on previously unavailable, complex contract data.

Icertis Contract Intelligence

Standardize, streamline, and automate every contract – everywhere

Transforming contracts into structured, connected, and on-demand data is just the beginning. Discover the power of intelligent contract creation, automation, and insights to realize the full intent and maximize the value of every contract, clause, and obligation across the enterprise.

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