SAP Integration

Icertis enables intelligent buy-side, sell-side and organization-wide contracting with SAP

The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform extends the SAP ecosystem by plugging into SAP Ariba and SAP Customer Experience, automating all aspects of contract management. The integrations provide businesses easy access to critical information, enabling better decisions within the enterprise application environment of their choice without losing productivity by switching applications.

SAP Ariba Integration

Combining best-in-class contract lifecycle management and spend management solutions, the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) for SAP Ariba provides existing SAP Ariba and/or ICI platform users an intelligent and flexible contracting solution fully integrated into SAP Ariba Spend Management, ensuring that the intent of every contract is fully realized.


With the SAP Ariba integration, organizations can:

  • Take advantage of a self service contracting experience
  • Quickly author and redline contracts
  • Ensure compliance throughout the source to contract lifecycle
  • Reduce maverick spend by driving commercial compliance
  • Seamlessly negotiate and collaborate on agreements
  • Leverage AI to reduce legal risk

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SAP CPQ Integration

Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) for SAP CPQ with SAP S/4HANA (Sell side) solutions connects with customer, pricing, and quote information in SAP CPQ and SAP S/4HANA to drive faster sales contract cycle times.

With SAP CPQ + SAP S/4HANA integration, users can:

  • Bring approved quote (pricing, commercial) data from CPQ into ICI to automatically create contracts with agreed pricing terms, promotions, incentives, and rebates
  • Use clause libraries, and templates to quickly assemble new sales contracts with full visibility into contract terms, obligations, and other actionable intelligence.
  • Manage agreements within the combined sales and contract management workflow to gain deeper insights and align customer terms with AI-supported search, digitization, and negotiation
  • Ensure downstream order operationalization leveraging SAP CPQ and SAP S/4HANA integration

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Icertis Contract Intelligence

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Transforming contracts into structured, connected, and on-demand data is just the beginning. Discover the power of intelligent contract creation, automation, and insights to realize the full intent and maximize the value of every contract, clause, and obligation across the enterprise.

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