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Icertis Contract Integration with SAP CPQ with SAP S/4HANA (Sell side)

Optimize your SAP quote-to cash processes with world class CLM from Icertis

Sell-side contracts are vital to company’s bottom line. Sales organizations need to be able to respond quickly to new opportunities to keep pace with the marketplace. Quote to cash and contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems are often not integrated and rely on legacy technology.

As a result, significant challenges arise:

  • Lengthy sales cycle times – Delayed revenue recognition for sales and increased administrative costs because of inefficient contracting
  • Limited collaboration between sales and legal teams, often driven through off-line processes
  • Lack of visibility – Inaccurate processing of cross-sells, up-sells, and renewals due to lack of visibility into contracts and their embedded terms and clauses
  • Security, risk, and compliance – Costly errors and unnecessary risk due to lack of standardized and automated sales contracting

The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform for SAP® CPQ with S/4HANA (Sell Side) solutions structures and connects all types of contract data to sales systems and streamline your quote-to-cash process. You can use it to enable auto-contract creation from quote, effectively negotiate and redline agreements, operationalize the order and extract the full intent of every contract. Businesses can thereby accelerate lead to cash process, improve revenue and customer retention.

Integrate with SAP CPQ to accelerate sales cycle times and enhance sales and customer experience

  • Auto-contract creation from quote, rule-driven contract assembly of clauses and documents
  • Powerful negotiation and effective collaboration between sales and legal teams
  • Contract execution and downstream operationalization, including billing schedule, invoicing, and financial reconciliation with SAP S/4HANA
  • Data consistency and integrity ensured with integration across multiple systems
  • Full flexibility in defining contract types, attributes, workflows, with differentiated support for contract relationships and hierarchy management

Auto-create sales contracts from quote, assemble using an easy-to-use clause library

ICI for SAP CPQ with SAP S/4HANA (Sell side) solutions helps sales leaders reduce cycle times by up to 92% and deliver a frictionless buying experience to customers.

  • Accelerate contract turnaround times across lead to cash process – streamlined contract authoring including pricing terms, promotions, incentives, and rebates, quotation and pricing, sales negotiations, down-stream processing, easy, intelligent, intuitive contract management and effective, system-based sales, legal collaboration
  • Improve visibility, minimize costs, and realize the full value of every contract – Synchronized information across systems (SAP CPQ, ICI, SAP S/4HANA), contract discount visibility and full transparency to maximize contract value
  • Effectively manage business and legal risk - Pre-approved templates with legal and commercial terms, predefined corporate policies, AI-enabled negotiations and constant monitoring of contractual obligations and service level agreements