Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) for SAP Ariba

The Challenge

  • Lack of sophisticated workflows and document management functionalities can significantly slow down contract turnaround times.
  • Disjointed spend management and contract management solutions lead to maverick contracting, low adoption, non-compliance and contractual risks.
  • Lack of a solution to monitor and govern contracts during the execution phase, especially with spend management applications.

How It Works

The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) for SAP Ariba enables organizations to realize the full promised value of the contract through a seamless integration of best-in-class contract management and spend management solutions.

  • Easily create, publish, and award sourcing events in SAP Ariba. Subsequently initiate the contract from ICI or SAP Ariba and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to sign and execute the contracts.
  • Enable self-service contracting, best in class rule driven contract authoring for dynamic assembly of clauses and documents. Leverage powerful negotiation and collaboration using MS Word Online Editing, MS Teams Experience Advanced Redline tracking
  • Initiate amendments in SAP Ariba Contract Workspace or ICI, post which one can complete legal authoring for the amendment in ICI. Once the contract amendment is executed in ICI, the changes can be synced between SAP Ariba and ICI.
  • Interface supplier master data from SAP Ariba to ICI.
  • Identify and assess contract risk by automatically tracking commitments, expiries, deviations and other contract obligations in ICI.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate contract turnaround times - Out of thebox integration with SAP Ariba helps easily runsourcing events and quickly author and negotiatecontracts closer to your clause positions.
  • Realize the full value of every contract - Seamlessdata integration between ICI and SAP Ariba ensuresnegotiated commercial terms are enforced during theprocurement and invoicing process, helpsto maximize the value of every contract.
  • Effectively manage legal and business risk - Pre-approved legal templates, predefined corporatepolicies, AI enabled negotiations and constantmonitoring of contractual obligations & SLAs enableeffective management of legal and business risks.