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Icertis Contract Intelligence Integration with Microsoft

Experience the future of contract lifecycle management with the deep integration of Icertis and Microsoft! This powerhouse combination revolutionizes how enterprises handle contracts, merging Icertis's cutting-edge contract management solutions with the familiar and robust Microsoft ecosystem. Imagine crafting, negotiating, and analyzing contracts within your favorite Microsoft applications – a seamless blend of innovation and convenience.

Deep Microsoft Integration

Leverage Contract Intelligence from within Microsoft products

With Experiences for Microsoft users, you can create, view, approve and collaborate on contracts within the applications you use every day to accelerate contract flow and move your business forward.

Icertis and Microsoft Dynamics

Leverage powerful contract management tools from within Microsoft Dynamics

  • Single-click contract creation

    Start building contracts in Microsoft Dynamics straight from opportunities
    using the most up-to-date client information 

  • Automated contract building and review

    Select from a library of contract templates that include accurate and legally approved language and easily send contracts for review from within Dynamics 365

  • Managing approvals is simple

    Oversee the internal contract workflow, review products and prices, and then send contracts to the client for a digital signature

  • AI-Driven Insights

    Get AI-driven insights about your contracting process and search the entire contract library for specific language, such as standard exceptions, clauses, and more.

Icertis for Microsoft Office 365

Optimize contract productivity and user experience with deep Microsoft Office integration. With the Icertis for Office 365, you can:

  • Work in Microsoft Word to set up templates and draft and review agreements, with full access to the clause library and all data synced to the system.
  • Leverage the Microsoft Excel Add-In for bulk updates and actions on agreements and associated documents. Integration with Outlook enables automated intake of emails and attachments.
  • Seamlessly route contracts to desktops and mobile devices via email with Outlook integration.

Icertis for Microsoft Teams

Icertis for Microsoft Teams provides the ability to manage contracts and access the ICI platform within the world’s fastest-growing collaboration tool to:

  • Gain visibility into contract actions and exceptions with automatic Teams notifications and alerts.
  • Leverage conversation agents to perform contract management tasks.
  • Use rich cards to inject contractual data into comments and notes.
  • Guide users to perform various contract management tasks using BOT input menus.

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Icertis Contract Intelligence

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Icertis Copilots deliver a step-change in contract efficiency and insights by responsibly harnessing the transformational power of generative AI to turn commercial agreements into interactive assets to drive your business forward. ​

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