Risk Assessment Copilot

Accelerate contract reviews by 40% with generative AI

The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) Risk Assessment Copilot, powered by the Icertis ExploreAI Service, significantly accelerates the contract review process while reducing risk by using AI to compare contract language to a company’s predefined risk parameters based on the contract type.

The Challenge​

High volume of contracts that need legal, business review​

Enterprise organizations manage large volumes of contracts to ensure they conform to risk management strategies and standards. This includes contract types that rarely require changes. Manually reviewing such contracts eats up time and is subject to human error, costing the business expensive resources and subjecting it to risk.

The Solution​

Icertis Contract Intelligence Risk Assessment Copilot

Leveraging the conversational nature of generative AI, users can also access recommendations based on their company’s legal playbook via free-form and predefined prompts. When a contract is submitted for review, the Copilot generates a highly intuitive dashboard with an overall risk score as well clause-level assessments of the contract’s performance against parameters. Results are visually presented via green, yellow, or red risk scores, helping reviewers understand where they need to turn attention, or, alternatively, indicating that the contract meets all criteria and doesn’t require their valuable time.

  • Risk Definition, Configuration

    Define up to 6 risk criteria for the type of contract, configure and assign a risk score using detailed logic specific to organization.

  • Contract Level Assessment and Visualization​

    Get a final verdict and assign review recommendation (required/ not required) for the contract. View contract’s performance on each of the defined risk criterion on a dashboard. Process contracts in bulk (multiple contracts) and generate a combined risk assessment report for them. ​

  • Clause Level Risk Flagging​

    Identify whether AI has discovered a “risk” as per risk criterion, clearly color code it and provide additional details on discovered risk (clause snippet pointing to the risk, its section number in the contract etc.).​ 

  • Risk Mitigation​

    Define steps to mitigate a risk and highlight them to the user for the risk identified in the contract.

The Benefits​

Faster, comprehensive contract reviews​

Up to 40% reduction in review cycle times, with AI powered risk analysis ​

Visibility into risk profile of every contract in the organization​

Higher stakeholder satisfaction with effort optimization, streamlined review process​

Enable users to engage conversationally with contracts

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Icertis Contract Intelligence Copilots deliver a step-change in contract efficiency and insights by responsibly harnessing the transformational power of generative AI to turn commercial agreements into interactive assets to drive your business forward. ​

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