Interactive Insights Copilot​

Drive success with fast, intuitive contract summaries and analysis​

The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) Interactive Insights Copilot, powered by the Icertis ExploreAI Service, delivers instant analysis and summarizations of contracts so organizations can run their business from a position of strength.

The Challenge​

Contract insights discovery is cumbersome

To manage the speed and complexity of today’s business environment, organizations need deep business insights at their fingertips to support decisions that drive success. Contracts contain critical, unique information found nowhere else in the enterprise, yet contract data has historically remained locked in dense legal language that is difficult to quickly review and understand. This destroys value via missed opportunities at the negotiation table and missed obligations throughout the business relationship.​

The Solution

Icertis Contract Intelligence Interactive Insights Copilot

The ICI Interactive Insights Copilot delivers summaries and analyses superior to other large language models because it combines the best-in-class performance and security of Microsoft Azure OpenAI with Icertis’ own proprietary AI trained on millions of contracts to identify 32 unique contract attributes, as well as the Icertis Contract Data Lake with more than 2 billion contract metadata and transactional elements.​

  • Analysis and Summarization​

    Get an automatic summary of the contracts in easily consumable format for an easier review or to share with others

  • Legal review process acceleration

    Speed up the review process and exploration through configurable out-of-the-box insights. Onboard quickly since no pre-training is needed

  • 360° Data Coverage​

    Benefit from insights generated from four sources – current contract document, Icertis’ representation of contract object, customer’s contract repository, and finally the Icertis Data Lake 

  • Pre-built conversational assets

    Derive insights which are configurable by contract types through pre-packed hierarchical questionnaires

  • Persona led experience

    Have an integrated conversational experience with persona based pre-defined questions to help navigate effectively. Perform contextual dialogue with contracts, like a human would.​

The Benefits

Improved contracting effectiveness with actionable insights​ 

Enable users to engage conversationally with contracts

Run your legal department, business from a position of strength 

Increase speed and effectiveness of negotiations 

Icertis Contract Intelligence Copilots

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Icertis Contract Intelligence Copilots deliver a step-change in contract efficiency and insights by responsibly harnessing the transformational power of generative AI to turn commercial agreements into interactive assets to drive your business forward. ​

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Icertis ExploreAI

Bringing the power of generative AI to enterprise contracting, responsibly

Icertis ExploreAI is your next-gen AI-powered Contract Intelligence Partner, with generative, assistive, natural language capabilities that enable even greater customer value from unstructured and structured contract data, connected across the enterprise.  

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Icertis Contract Intelligence

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Transforming contracts into structured, connected, and on-demand data is just the beginning. Discover the power of intelligent contract creation, automation, and insights to realize the full intent and maximize the value of every contract, clause, and obligation across the enterprise.

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