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Icertis Copilots

Introducing the first generative AI Copilots built for enterprise contracting.

Backed by the security of Microsoft Azure, Icertis Copilots will change how your business works with contracts – but they won’t put your valuable contract data at risk. 

What are Copilots?​

Icertis Copilots turbocharge enterprise contracting​

Icertis Copilots are revolutionizing enterprise contracting by providing professionals with assistive, generative, natural language capabilities that cut through legal-ese to deliver insights, accelerate contract reviews, and more to drive your business forward. Built on the Icertis ExploreAI Service, Icertis Copilots keep your valuable contract data safe and secure.

Interactive Insights Copilot

Engage directly and rapidly uncover insights via pre-defined, hierarchical prompts and free-form prompts that highlight key provisions and identify related contract information. With role-based summaries based on a unique combination of secure data sources, Interactive Insights Copilot helps increase the speed and effectiveness of negotiations while providing instant answers to critical business questions.

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Risk Assessment Copilot

Automate high-volume contract reviews by comparing contract attributes against your specific risk criteria to ensure required clauses and approved language are present in every agreement. Risk Assessment Copilot earmarks agreements that don’t require further review and identifies and helps you address missing or noncompliant attributes, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Icertis Discover Copilot

Discover Copilot

Identify contract attributes and clauses in third party contracts leveraging the combined power of Microsoft Azure OpenAI and Icertis’ proprietary AI. Discover Copilot semantically matches contract attributes and clauses directly to contract and clause types defined in your organization’s clause and template library.​

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Icertis ExploreAI Service​

Harness the power of generative AI, responsibly.​

Backed by the security and trust of Microsoft Azure, Icertis ExploreAI Service leverages Azure OpenAI Service and Icertis proprietary AI models with the rich data from a company's contracts, its enterprise systems, and the Icertis Data Lake to accelerate the pace of business, galvanize profits, and safeguard enterprises from risk. ​

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A rich history of AI innovation in contracting

Icertis was the first company to embed AI in contract lifecycle management to enable true contract intelligence and unlock the value in contract data. Icertis Copilots signal the next transformative milestone in contract innovation as the first generative AI service to join the Icertis AI portfolio, which also includes AI Studio, NegotiateAI, DiscoverAI, and VisualizeAI.

IDC Market Note

Icertis Copilots Showcase the Power of Generative AI in the Contract Lifecycle Management Space

See why Icertis' generative AI capabilities mark a significant advancement in contract management technology, according to IDC analysts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An AI copilot refers to an advanced artificial intelligence system designed to assist or augment human capabilities in various tasks and activities. In the context of contract management, it is an AI system designed to assist professionals in managing contracts more efficiently and effectively. It can help contract managers and businesses in contract lifecycle management, contract reviews, analysis, risk assessment, workflow automation, contract negotiation, and more. Specific copilot features and capabilities might vary with the software provider.

Icertis Copilots are revolutionizing contract lifecycle management by supercharging professionals with assistive, generative AI natural language capabilities. AI contract management cuts through lengthy, hard-to-understand legal documents to deliver insights, accelerate contract reviews, and more to drive your business forward. Built on the Icertis ExploreAI Service, Icertis Copilots keep your valuable contract data safe and secure. You can opt for one or both AI copilot companions to help you manage your contracts:

The Icertis Interactive Insights Copilot creates concise summaries of lengthy contracts, highlighting key terms, conditions, and obligations. This makes it easier for stakeholders to review and understand the critical sections of a contract without reading the entire document, reducing lengthy contract review cycles and accelerating the pace of business.

The Icertis Risk Assessment Copilot offers contractual obligations and risk management. The Icertis Risk Assessment Copilot allows users to query their contracts in natural language in ways that surface key insights to increase revenue, drive compliance, improve savings, and manage risk. While your organization focuses on its most pressing strategic initiatives, ExploreAI is tracking you and your contractual partners’ obligations.

OpenAI is a privately owned research organization focused on developing advanced artificial intelligence systems. At the same time, Azure OpenAI is a partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft Azure that allows developers to access OpenAI's AI models through Azure's cloud computing platform through Azure Cognitive Services. In other words, OpenAI is the company doing the research, while Azure OpenAI is a secure platform for accessing and using OpenAI's AI models.

Yes.Instant contract summaries are offered through our Interactive Insights Copilot, an AI application built on our ExploreAI platform. You can use it to get an automatic summary of the contracts in an easily consumable format for a more straightforward review or to share with others. This makes it easier for stakeholders to review and understand the critical sections of a contract without reading the entire document, reducing lengthy contract reviewcyclesand accelerating the pace of business. Users can perform contextual dialogue with your contracts, like a human would,andconfigureout-of-the-box insightsto fit your business. 

Yes. Obligation and risk management are offered through the Icertis Risk Assessment Copilot, an AI application built on the ExploreAI platform. While your organization focuses on its most pressing strategic initiatives, rest assured that ExploreAI is tracking you and your contractual partners’ obligations, including:

  • SLAs and intermediate milestones
  • Committed savings such as volume-based discounts.
  • Flow down clauses and obligations
  • All certification and regulatory requirements

These insights and more are ready for you to call up using the Icertis Copilots prompt interface.

Request a demo with an Icertis Specialist to learn more. 

Yes. The Icertis Copilots, built on the ExploreAI platform, can be set to parse and review the manually entered attributes in all agreements and trigger alerts and interventions when a particular attribute in the contract is beyond the threshold value allowed by the business, such as contractual value or payment terms in a SOW, thereby delivering savings to enterprises, which often translates to millions of dollars of business value.

Powered by the ExploreAI platform, Icertis Copilots to extend their impact beyond the contract’s signature to monitor and ensure obligations within every type of contract are fulfilled by generating appropriate notifications and alerts to stakeholders. It does this by extracting data from contracts and connecting it to other enterprise systems you use, including ERP, CRM, HCM, and SCM, as well as the Icertis data lake.

Yes, the Icertis Copilots can translate specific sections of a contract from one language to another, significantly reducing the time and legal resources required for contract creation and review and increasing the efficiency of the contract management process.

Yes. Security is one reason we at Icertis have opted to develop our AI technology on Microsoft Azure OpenAI, and not directly with OpenAI.

Icertis is a Microsoft native Azure solution. Microsoft Azure Open AI is being made available to us, guaranteeing the data security and the protection layer Azure provides. This means that the data used in the generative AI context remains in our subscription. Microsoft guarantees that data does not leave Azure and is never used for training the underlying foundation models.

More importantly, we do not fine-tune AI (GPT) models. We use the GPT model out of the box and focus most of our efforts on our proprietary technology.

To reiterate, the data never goes out of our subscription, and Microsoft guarantees that the data used in conversational AI is also never used for the underlying training of their models.

You can learn more about the Icertis Copilots by requesting a demo today.