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Rebates and Growth Incentives Application

Streamline complex rebate and growth incentive program management to maximize visibility, compliance, and business performance.

Challenges with traditional approaches to rebates & growth incentives management:

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, the effective and timely management of rebate programs is critical. Designing and optimizing these programs is essential for several industries — drug manufacturers, consumer goods, and retail, to name just a few.

Managing these rebate programs, from initial contracting between partners to tracking and realizing revenue, can create several challenges such as:

  • Poor visibility across all rebate agreements with each partner, leading to lost revenue
  • Inability to effectively measure and analyze program performance
  • Wasted staff time on manual tracking, management, and measurement
  • Longer cycle times are required to design and execute rebate programs using manual processes and disconnected systems.

The Solution

Icertis Rebates and Promotions App

Built on the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform, the Rebates and Promotions App enables you to take a smart, holistic approach to your rebates and promotion programs. With the app, you can automate the calculation, reconciliation, and reporting of rebates for suppliers and customers with an intuitive experience powered by robust calculation algorithms and contract intelligence. The application helps you streamline complex, non-standard rebate programs to gain better visibility across the process and improve business performance.

The Benefits

Streamline complex, non-standard rebate programs

Organizations gain better visibility across the rebate contracting process and improve business performance with standardized contract language.

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Centralize Program Administration

Centralize rebates and promotion program administration without losing the benefits of decentralized rebate contract execution

Reduce Manual Errors

Reduces risk of manual errors and supports complex formulae and accrual calculations

Improve Visibility

Improve visibility across the contract value chain between retailers and their suppliers

Track Compliance

Track compliance on budgets, contracts, and payments

Accelerate Settlement

Accelerate processing and settlement, resulting in better cash flows

Negotiate Better Terms

Negotiate better pricing and terms based on deep insights into past partner performance

Next Steps

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