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GDPR Compliance For Contracts

Ensure Ongoing GDPR Compliance Across the Entire Contract Lifecycle

Protect your business against fines for non-compliance by rapidly identifying GDPR risk in contracts with a GDPR compliance management software built on the Icertis Contract Intelligence Platform.

The Challenge

Organizations Struggle to Comply
With Privacy Regulations

New General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation requires companies to make profound changes to the way data is stored, managed, shared, and transferred. The consequences of being out of compliance can be severe. Yet, despite the staggering penalties for non-compliance, many organizations are not prepared.

The Solution

Icertis GDPR Compliance App

The app is a GDPR compliance management software that accelerates the identification of non-compliant contracts, enables the creation and routing of Data Protection Addendums (DPA), and helps to manage processor obligations for GDPR across the entire contract lifecycle.

Featured Case Study


See how a $14B global telecommunications company quickly implemented the Icertis CLM platform to accelerate contract lifecycles, improve contract compliance, and gain instant transactional visibility on contract status.

Customer Story: Airtel

The Benefits

Achieve Ongoing GDPR Compliance and Data Protection Peace of Mind

Automatic Monitoring

Ensure the highest level of compliance with automatic monitoring of contractual commitments and data processor obligations.

Rapid Risk Detection

Protect against fines for non-compliance by rapidly identifying GDPR risk in executed contracts

Manage Data Protection Addenda

Easily manage and process data protection addenda to help accelerate compliance.

Accelerate DPA Creation

Shorten the compliance runway by accelerating the identification of non-compliant contracts with automated GDPR compliance detection to surface non-compliant contracts for Data Protection Addendum (DPA) creation.

Single Source of Truth

Benefit from a single, centralized contract solution to streamline and automate the process of keeping your organization compliant.

Establish Accountability Framework

Establish and maintain an internal framework for accountability, taking into account mitigation of risk resulting from the data processing activity. – Gartner Research*

Next Steps

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