Gain Unprecedented Insights and Map Complex Relationships Across Your Enterprise Contract Portfolio with AI

The Challenge

Incomplete Understanding of Contract Risks and Opportunities

Businesses are increasingly creating and storing incredibly high volumes of data. However, the ability to discover useful relationships and interact with all this data is often very limited. This has been especially true for contracts – with traditional contract storage and management, key insights were locked away and out of reach for general counsels, compliance officers, business executives, and other key stakeholders, leaving organizations with numerous challenges preventing them from fully understanding the risks and opportunities hidden within their contract portfolio:

  • Extremely difficult to discover patterns and relationships across large volumes of contracts without painstaking manual review
  • Corporate contracts also tend to be dispersed across different departments – making it very difficult to achieve consistency
  • This lack of visibility leads to increased risks and lower levels of compliance with corporate standards
  • Missed opportunities to negotiate for better outcomes based on learnings from across the entire contract portfolio

The Solution

Icertis VisualizeAI

The Icertis VisualizeAI application, built on top of the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform, enables users to quickly find and load a large volume of contract data, navigate relationships and easily discover patterns. This app instantly gives users a much broader and more insightful view of the entire contract portfolio.

The app uses AI-powered cognitive skills to derive contextual insights from contract data. It does this by first recognizing the patterns and relationships that exist within ICI contract data and then linking this data to outside sources like Dun & Bradstreet or LinkedIn. This enables users to group and link contracts based on their status, risk level, or other attributes and then navigate across the entire contract portfolio based on these insights. Users can then take direct action based on these insights.

Icertis Visualize AI visualizes contract risks

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  • Powerful Analysis

    Cognitive search, powered by artificial intelligence, enables ICI to identify, evaluate, and discover the patterns and relationships that exist within contract attributes such as names, places, and organizations.

  • Once the app has broken down each contract into its component parts

     It quickly links and maps all the associations between contracts with the same characteristics across the entire contract portfolio

  • Intuitive Visualization

    Building on these insights, the app seamlessly guides users through the process of discovering hidden insights as they traverse relationships between contracts and identify hidden insights.

  • The app can pull in relevant external data

    The app can pull in relevant external data*, enabling users to test hypotheses and develop insights based on whatever data is needed, not just what’s stored in ICI.

  • Direct Action

    Unlike simple reporting and visualization tools, the app enables users to take direct action with just a few clicks based on the insights they discover.

  • Leverage ICI to put a set of risky contracts on hold

    For example, they might leverage ICI to put a set of risky contracts on hold or send certain contracts for additional approvals–all without ever leaving the app.

The Benefits

Better Decisions. Shorter Cycle Times. Less Risk.

  • Make better decisions and minimize risks by identifying the relationships between common entities hidden in huge volumes of contract data
  • Boost productivity and reduce operational costs by using fewer resources to collect information from a large volume of contracts
  • Improve compliance and insure consistency in how contracts are written and approved across the entire organization
  • Shorten cycle times and increase execution speed by easily identifying and addressing contracting bottlenecks within the organization
  • Negotiate better outcomes with each counterparty by leveraging an improved understanding of the relationships between deals


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