Negotiate Better Outcomes and Reduce Risk Across High-Volume Enterprise Contracts with AI-Powered Insights

The Challenge

Traditional Contract Negotiation Processes Repeat the Same Mistakes

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations must create and evaluate large volumes of contracts with ever-increasing frequency. Without sufficient intelligence about the terms and parties represented in these contracts, it can be very difficult for companies to avoid risks, maintain compliance, and ultimately get to the best possible negotiated outcomes. Traditional contract creation, review, and negotiation techniques can create a number of challenges:

  • Manual review of high volumes of lengthy contracts is labor intensive and time-consuming
  • Businesses risk unknowingly repeating mistakes from previous contract negotiations
  • Third-party contracts can be especially challenging to effectively review due to unfamiliar terms and clauses
  • Different employees may be unknowingly negotiating similar contracts with the same counterparties
  • Companies may fail to comply with corporate standards if they accept third-party contract terms

The Solution

ICI NegotiateAI

Built on the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform, the ICI NegotiateAI app gives businesses the AI-powered insights they need to optimize their contractual negotiations. With the help of this app, you can easily analyze high volumes of contracts, understand their component terms and clauses, and find similar precedents from across your company’s entire contract repository. You can also quickly create clause deviations to ensure compliance and improve business velocity.

The app works as a plug-in for Microsoft Word to seamlessly surface these insights right within the familiar user experience that professionals already know and use every day.

Negotiate AI clause management

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The Benefits

Faster and More Consistent Contract Negotiations

  • Enables an organization to more consistently negotiate the best possible terms and outcomes with a given counterparty
  • Reduces administrative time and operational costs spent manually authoring and reviewing lengthy contracts
  • Prevents organizations from repeating mistakes by reusing language from suboptimal historical contracts
  • Ensures compliance with all required terms and clauses, even for third-party contracts
  • Allows any user to benefit from contract best practices originating from anywhere across an entire organization
  • Speeds up the negotiation process by providing the right insights while still ensuring compliance with deviated clauses
  • Automated Contract Discovery

    Instantly breaks down any contract into its component clauses and attributes for fast analysis.

  • AI technology

    Quickly analyzes third-party contracts that do not match standard templates using ICI AI technology.

  • Shows confidence ratings

    for each discovered contract element, enabling users to quickly confirm or replace data as needed.

  • Powerful AI-Infused Negotiation Tools

    Leverages AI to quickly find all similar clauses and contracts from across a company’s entire contract repository.

  • Enables users to update contract language

    terms based on best practices from similar contracts or from past deals negotiated with the same counterparty.

  • Allows users to create deviations

    clauses can be routed to the right people for review and approval.

  • Familiar User Interface

    Surfaces these powerful tools as a plug-in directly within Microsoft Word, and allows users to open any related contracts from the ICI platform with just one click.

  • Enables easy navigation

    to any clause or attribute, allowing users to quickly review even very lengthy documents.

  • Compares similar clauses

    with easy-to-understand redlined differences, reducing the time required for manual review.

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