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Powerful Business and AI applications built on the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform

The Icertis Contract Management Platform

Our solution starts with the core Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform, which covers the full lifecycle of contract management capabilities beginning with intelligent contract setup and then continuing with authoring, approvals, negotiations, and all other aspects of ongoing contract operations. The ICI platform continues to deliver value even after each contract is executed with not just reporting but also advanced tools for governance, risk, and compliance that mitigate previously hidden risks and help ensure that companies fulfill their contractual obligations.

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Icertis Solution Architecture

Icertis Contract Intelligence Copilots

Icertis Contract Intelligence Copilots are revolutionizing enterprise contracting by providing professionals with assistive, generative, natural language capabilities that cut through legal-ese to deliver insights, accelerate contract reviews, and more to drive your business forward. Built on the Icertis ExploreAI Service, Icertis Copilots keep your valuable contract data safe and secure.

  • Interactive Insights Copilot​

    Engage directly and rapidly uncover insights via pre-defined, hierarchical prompts and free-form prompts that highlight key provisions and identify related contract information. With role-based summaries based on a unique combination of secure data sources, Interactive Insights Copilot helps increase the speed and effectiveness of negotiations while providing instant answers to critical business questions. 

  • Risk Assessment Copilot​

    Automate high-volume contract reviews by comparing contract attributes against your specific risk criteria to ensure required clauses and approved language are present in every agreement. Risk Assessment Copilot earmarks agreements that don’t require further review and identifies and helps you address missing or noncompliant attributes, so you can focus on growing your business.​

AI Applications & Services

The Icertis AI applications and services enable companies to solve previously intractable contract management challenges uniquely suited to AI-powered solutions. Capabilities include quickly importing third-party contracts at scale, analyzing past negotiation history to gain insights for improvement, and visualizing deep data insights that provide unprecedented visibility into contract relationships and performance.

  • ExploreAI

    Icertis ExploreAI Service enables enterprises to safely leverage the power of generative AI to bring a new level of efficiency to contracting that will turbocharge your business. Icertis ExploreAI Service combines the power of large language AI models and Icertis proprietary AI models to derive insights from your contract data, your enterprise data, and the Icertis Data Lake to deliver powerful, material business outcomes not possible before. 

  • NegotiateAI

    NegotiateAI gives businesses the AI-powered insights they need to optimize their contractual negotiations. With the help of this app, you can easily analyze high volumes of contracts, understand their component terms and clauses, and find similar precedents from across your company’s entire contract repository. The app works with Microsoft Word to seamlessly surface these insights within the familiar Office user experience.

  • AI Studio

    AI Studio is a self-serve and self-learning cognitive tool that empowers users to analyze multiple sets of contract documents on the go and to generate actionable analytics for real-time decisions and actions. AI-Studio leverages powerful AI models that can be customized to progressively build the analysis over repeated runs- all independent of any data scientist involvement.

Business Applications

Icertis Business applications place contracting at the center of every critical business process across the enterprise. This enables companies to optimize the contractual foundation of their relationships, ensuring that deals close faster, compliance is front and center, and everyone benefits from commonly shared information about contractual performance.

  • Collaboration Portal

    The Collaboration Portal extends controlled access to the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform to outside organizations for more effective collaboration throughout the contract lifecycle. It enables secure communication with suppliers, customers, and partners more efficiently than traditional communication methods.

  • GDPR Compliance

    The GDPR Compliance application helps you identify non-compliant contracts, create data protection addendums (DPAs) that ensure compliance for data processors, and track data processor obligations to ensure comprehensive GDPR compliance across the entire contract lifecycle.

  • Obligation Management

    The Obligation Management application enables companies to manage their commitments better and to realize the full value of their entitlements. This helps optimize business performance and protects organizations from reputational, commercial, and financial risks.

  • Rebates & Growth Incentives

    The Rebates & Growth Incentives application enables you to take a smart, holistic approach to rebates and incentive programs. With the app, you can automate the calculation, reconciliation, and reporting of rebates for suppliers and customers with an intuitive experience powered by robust calculation algorithms and contract intelligence.

  • Proposal Management

    Increase speed to market and proposal quality. Create proposals quickly and effectively using templates and individual terms and conditions based on the nature of products and services in a proposal.

  • Risk Management

    The Risk Management application helps to mitigate business risks in their supply chain and purchasing contracts through proactive assessment, discovery, and continuous monitoring—helping protect organizations from the impact of operational, financial, and reputational risk.

  • Sourcing Application

    The Sourcing application places contracts at the center of the sourcing process to ensure compliance, minimize risk, and create long-term strategic agility.  Get a complete view of your supplier relationships, including current and past contracts, historical performance, and a complete risk profile for a unified view of sourcing events.

  • Supplier Onboarding & Diversity Compliance

    The ICI Supplier Onboarding & Diversity Compliance app helps organizations quickly identify suppliers and rapidly onboard them. It also provides capabilities for collaboration with suppliers to ensure compliance with organizational policies and regulations, thereby reducing supplier risk.

  • Supplier Relationship 

    The Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) application enables businesses to handle standard supplier management challenges unique to their business cases, processes, and policies. The AI-powered application allows users to seamlessly manage end-to-end supplier onboarding, performance management, contract governance, compliances, and disengagement.


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Icertis has deep integrations with other enterprise software suites, enabling teams to create, view, approve and collaborate on contracts within the applications you use every day to accelerate contract flow and move your business forward.

  • Icertis Experience for SAP

    The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform extends the SAP ecosystem by plugging, SAP Ariba, SAP S/4HANA, SAP CPQ and SAP Fieldglass, automating all aspects of contract management.

  • Icertis Experience for Microsoft

    With deep integration into Microsoft products, Icertis users can create, view, approve and collaborate on contracts within the applications they use every day to accelerate contract flow and move your business forward.

  • Icertis Experience for Salesforce

    The Icertis Salesforce integration allows users access to Icertis Contract Intelligence functionality within Salesforce to create and process contracts, use structured forms to speed contract creation, and leverage a rules-driven engine to govern contract authoring, workflow, and approvals. All while staying up-to-date with Chatter notifications.

  • Icertis Experience for Workday

    The Icertis Experience for Workday provides access to the ICI platform directly from the Workday application. With contract management seamlessly integrated into the procure-to-pay process, sourcing professionals gain the ability to manage the data, policies, and processes, identify and assess risk, and provide a consistent user experience across both applications.