“Evolution in business calls for innovation, and innovation is the ladder to progress.”

The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform continues to evolve each quarterly release with new, innovative features that empower its trusted customers to stay out in front and achieve business excellence through contract intelligence.

As the leading provider of contract lifecycle management (CLM), Icertis is exposed to interactions with millions of contracts, and our data scientists work with huge datasets to deliver augmented AI features that enhances process efficiency.

This release empowers the ICI users to propel their CLM process with faster access to associated documents, swifter sourcing decisions, seamless experiences with augmented AI capabilities and comprehensive data insights.


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Better productivity with enhanced AI applications

Better productivity with enhanced AI applications

All commercial contracts contain critical data on an organization`s obligations, rights, remedies, and rules. However, this data is unstructured and therefore difficult to parse and leverage at scale. With the help of AI capabilities, contract information can be structured into intelligent insights and used to reduce business risks efficiently and increase economic value for the organization.

Icertis consistently focuses on upgrading its robust AI capabilities to meet the changing demands of the market and to provide organizations strategic advantage. The latest release augments the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology embedded into ICI to read wet signatures and rubber stamp prints on physical documents.

This release also improves contract discovery and digitization capabilities to more accurately identify clause boundaries based on clause titles.

For our AI Studio users, the 7.17 release enables you to access comprehensive insights that take into account all associated documents and amendments along with parent agreements.

Seamless access to associated documents with the enhanced ICI Experience for MS Word

Switching between windows/multiple platforms while working on a contract can be cumbersome and hamper productivity.

With the latest feature release, ICI users are empowered to create/edit associated documents within the Icertis Experience for MS Word, thus avoiding the need to switch screens.

This feature provides a unified experience for the legal team while working with an agreement and its related associations, hence boosting the process efficiency.

Seamless access to associated documents by enhanced ICI Experience for MS Word
Faster user action and flexible view for associated documents

Faster user action and flexible view for associated documents

Agreements often include several associated documents that need regular updates and require collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

With the 7.17 release, Icertis offers enhanced capabilities in our Co-Authoring in MS Word Online feature, enabling real-time collaboration on associated documents, thus improving overall productivity and efficiency.

Users can also preview agreements, associated documents, and file type attributes for Excel and PowerPoint formats from their web browsers.


Did you think that was all?

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new addition to our sourcing capabilities with the 7.17 release.

The robust Icertis Contract Intelligence platform just keeps getting better

We hope you will love these enhancements to the ICI Platform and what they mean for your business growth.

These are just a few of the many new capabilities that are on the way.

We believe ICI Platform and the applications will be a foundational tool to provide your business
Icertis strategic advantage—and we are just getting started. If you have any questions about the ICI Platform, contact your Customer Advocacy Director.

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