Icertis Partners with SYKE to Offer Unmatched Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Technology to Clients

SYKE is the world’s largest independent legal engineering consultancy. It helps large organizations choose, buy and implement legal technology. SYKE has 100+ legal engineers located globally, speaking 21 languages, having automated 10,000 plus documents, and saving over 1 million hours of client time. The firm has extensive experience which enables them to take the burden of driving forward legal technology projects.

Their senior engineers all have legal backgrounds, a factor that sets SYKE apart because they understand the context of the businesses, documents, and processes that they are automating. SYKE develops sustainable solutions working across all project phases from procurement to project initiation, implementation, and post-adoption support and training.

Icertis and SYKE have come together to help clients digitally transform their legal departments and processes with the help of advanced CLM technology.

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