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Take charge of Contract Lifecycle Management with Icertis and PwC

Leverage the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform and PwC’s domain expertise to accelerate time to value

Contracts are fundamental to a company’s business – and a robust CLM solution gives you unmatched visibility to maximize business impact, drive compliance and minimize risk and help companies run their business better.

Icertis and PwC have partnered to reduce the complexity of contract management processes and create sustainable value through the implementation of the AI-powered, analyst-validated Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) Platform. Our partnership offers to provide a full range of services associated with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), including classic system integrator capabilities as well as business integrator roles such as strategy, deals considerations, contracting process or template optimization, and contract risk and value analysis.

Supply chain

Building strong, long-term relationships with the right suppliers is crucial for driving success. The ICI Platform, delivered through PwC, enables compliance, decreases risk and drives cost savings, and post-contracting execution to provide a holistic view of ongoing relationships needed for business continuity.

Marketing and sales

Our jointly delivered solutions help businesses accelerate the deal cycle from lead to contract. We help you manage the process of contracting more quickly and efficiently, including visibility of pricing, from the time the customer signs for the initial purchase, to change orders and renewals.

Legal business solutions

It’s more important than ever to have a legal ally who understands the impact of regulatory, economic, and political shifts on your business. The ICI platform provides high-impact insights to manage risk and enable compliance.

Risk management

Mitigate risk in your supply chain and purchasing contracts through proactive assessment, discovery, and continuous monitoring services offered by Icertis and PwC.


Business transactions that alter the structure of your organization like mergers, acquisitions, and joint business opportunities require quickly evaluating all the vendor contracts involved for synergies, duplication, and conflicts. We offer insights that help you make decisions on the ideal path forward.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

PwC and Icertis are helping to turn ESG into an opportunity for growth. By infusing ESG strategies into our delivery of contract transformation we’re creating additional value. Learn more here.

PwC is our trusted partner to complement Icertis Contract Intelligence with process intelligence


Business experience focused on outcomes

PwC can help you with pricing and contracting strategies, operations, governance, initiatives, trends, and leading practices. We provide program management services focused on value delivery and adoption. Our integrated services include data migration support.

Technical acumen to deliver value

PwC’s trained Icertis technical team brings digital tools and tech-enabled services developed from real-world client experience to bring together technology capabilities and business outcomes with a faster time to value.

Managing change for growth

Track record of change management discipline. We engage key decision makers and stakeholders early and often, collaborate, co-create, and embed analytics solutions that help identify opportunities and deliver results.

“We help our clients reduce the complexity of the contract management process throughout the lifecycle of their numerous vendor relationships and identify synergies and opportunities to improve the value chain for your entire business.”
– Allissa East, Leader of PwC’s Enterprise Content Management team


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