NEW REPORT: The State of CLM and AI-Powered Contract Intelligence

Episode Guide

Icertis Industry IQ for Banking Series

Hear from a panel of experts about the technologies and processes that enable Contract Intelligence, and how you can protect and equip your business to enable growth in any economic condition. 

Episode Guide

Icertis Industry IQ for Banking Series

Hear from a panel of experts about the technologies and processes that enable Contract Intelligence and how you can protect and equip your business to enable growth in any economic condition. 

Episode One

Imperatives for Banking with Accenture, Microsoft and Icertis

In this episode, the panel of experts explores ways Banks can unlock contract data and apply artificial intelligence to extend beyond contract lifecycle management (CLM) to realize contract intelligence. They discuss the importance of contract intelligence and how with the right technology platform, data, and processes, banks can navigate today’s challenges and emerge as stronger businesses. Banks that have not begun a CLM transformation are already behind; join our sessions to gain insights to help you get started or accelerate your plans.

Episode Two

Contract Intelligence for Banking with Icertis

In this episode, Icertis discusses the important role that contract intelligence is playing within banking organizations. Including how banks are benefiting from contract intelligence to grow revenue, reduce costs, gain efficiencies, and manage risk and compliance. Icertis also shares details about their new solution for banking and financial services with useful information on how clients are benefiting across the buy side and sell side of their businesses.

Episode Three

Technical Innovations for Banking with Microsoft

In this episode, Microsoft discusses how Banks can reimagine their technology and processes to meet the needs and challenges they are facing today, while building for the future. The discussion shares current technology trends that Banks are managing and how they are benefiting from the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services. 

Episode Four

Tips and Trends for CLM in Banking with Accenture

In this episode, Accenture dives deeper into the business value that Banks are recognizing with contract intelligence. Banks are challenged to speed time to revenue, reduce revenue leakage, manage risk and compliance in an environment where contract volumes are increasing, and processes are largely manual. This discussion highlights several benefits such as better understanding your clients and the obligations in your agreements, integrating contract data with service platforms, and improving cycle times and accuracy through automation. You’ll leave with guidance on how to best begin a program if you haven’t already started.