WEBINAR: Turbocharging Legal Contract Transformation in the Age of Generative AI

Turbocharge contract value with best-of-breed AI from Icertis and Evisort

Accelerate time to value, enhance contract insights, and control AI consumption and spend. 


Leverage the contract AI of your choice within the Icertis platform

As AI transforms what's possible with enterprise contracting, Icertis is committed to ensuring our customers have access to the AI models they need to drive the business forward—including both native and partner capabilities.

Through the Icertis partnership with Evisort, Icertis customers can augment Icertis Copilots with Evisort’s contract-specific AI engine to extract even deeper insights from new and legacy contracts—without leaving the Icertis platform: Contract data flows seamlessly from Icertis to Evisort for AI extraction. Then, extracted insights are sent back to the Icertis platform for analysis and intent realization. 


By integrating Evisort into Icertis, you can:

  • Accelerate time to value: Quickly extract contract insights from large volumes of legacy, third-party and first-party contracts alike through the combined power of Icertis Discover Copilot and Evisort AI—thereby delivering value from your contract digital transformation project faster than traditional deployments 
  • Enhance contract insights: Choose from a wide variety of purpose-built AI models so you can get the right insights based on contract type, industry, use case, and other parameters
  • Control AI costs and consumption: Better manage AI consumption in your enterprise by configuring the right AI model for the specific purpose it is designed for

These benefits and more come on top of all the best-in-class capabilities that make Icertis a leader in the CLM category and the contract intelligence platform of more than a third of Fortune 100 companies.

Case Study

Microsoft Transforms Contracting for 220,000 Employees with Icertis Contract Intelligence + Evisort AI

Hear as Tom Orrison, Sr. Director of Legal Operations at Microsoft, describes the success his organization has seen in applying generative AI models like Evisort’s to the structured and connected contract data housed on the Icertis platform.

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See why Icertis' generative AI capabilities mark a significant advancement in contract management technology, according to IDC analysts.

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