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Management and Technology Consultancy as strategic Icertis Partner

Icertis, the global leader in AI-powered contract intelligence, announced a new strategic partnership with BearingPoint aimed at transforming contract management for companies worldwide. This collaboration combines BearingPoint’s extensive advisory and implementation expertise with the advanced enterprise-grade technology of the Icertis platform to deliver innovation and efficiency. 

BearingPoint will also integrate the Icertis platform with its core operational systems to optimize internal contracting processes. This will enhance operational efficiency and visibility across its enterprise contracts, driving intent realization around increased revenue, reduced costs, compliance, and risk.

With its seamless integration capabilities, Icertis is poised to become the preferred solution for enterprise contracting for professional services companies like BearingPoint, unlocking tremendous value for their business and their customers. We are pleased to bring the scope and scale of the Icertis platform to BearingPoint and extend these benefits to their clients.

BearingPoint is offering CLM Advisory with a focus on Legal, Content Management and Change Management. They also have a Global Sourcing & Procurement Practice (SAP Ariba & S/4HANA). Their Icertis team is fully certified (functional & technical / integration -> Ready to scale. BearingPoint consult clients in a holistic way and have a great reputation on the market.

Check out our Partnership Press Release.

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