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Accelerate Contract Processes Across Your Organization With Icertis and Adobe Sign

Supercharge your Icertis Contract Intelligence solution with legally binding e-signatures that save time and money.

Propel purchasing processes

Contracts play a critical role in daily business transactions. And every contract needs at least one signature. But not just any e-signature solution is sufficient. Adobe Sign, the recommended e-signature solution for the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform, supports all types of contracts on a global scale, ensures your e-signatures meet strict security and compliance requirements, and optimizes productivity, cost savings and the end-user experience.

By integrating Adobe Sign with ICI, you can:

Accelerate contract creation and approval. Adobe Sign’s automated e-signature workflows ensure the right people sign the right contracts in the right order — in minutes or hours, instead of days and weeks.

Save significant time and money. Adobe Sign keeps ICI contracts moving to reduce cycle time by 96% while enabling powerful productivity and cost savings with 100% paperless processes. Customers save approximately $28 per e-signature transaction by eliminating paper, printing, faxing and storage costs and improving productivity and cycle time.

Sign and manage documents effortlessly. Adobe Sign lets anyone send, sign, and return documents on any device, from anywhere. Monitor the status of outstanding contracts within ICI with real-time tracking.

Meet stringent security requirements. Adobe Sign enables continuous security and visibility at every step of the e-signature process and securely stores documents in the cloud or within Icertis or other enterprise applications. Automatically generating an audit trail linked to each document and affixing a tamper-evident seal — Adobe Sign shows you who signed it and when so you can be confident that the document has not been changed.

Implement legally-binding e-signatures worldwide. Adobe Sign has achieved global and industry certifications to enable legal compliance and support e-signature implementations worldwide. Adobe Sign e-signatures comply with industry-leading standards — including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001 — for data privacy and security.

Adobe Sign + Icertis: The fastest way to the digital dotted line

When you integrate Adobe Sign with ICI, you add the power of Improved business efficiency, unparalleled productivity, and an exceptional customer and employee experience. Adobe invented PDF more than 25 years ago and is the global leader in secure digital documents — with Adobe Sign and Adobe Acrobat powering employee and customer experiences for more than 50% of the Fortune 100.