SAP-Icertis partnership analysis: Solution comparisons and how the deal reshapes the market for enterprise CLM

SAP and Icertis expanded their partnership in January 2022 to bring contract intelligence to the intelligent enterprise. The enhanced partnership leverages each company’s technology to deliver even more value to a growing list of joint customers.

This Spend Matters PRO brief reviews the details and context of the deepening SAP-Icertis partnership, exploring product and commercial plans. It also provides a product gap analysis of SAP Ariba Contracts versus Icertis to help buying organizations understand the differences between the two CLM solutions, based on the Spend Matters CLM SolutionMap vendor rankings. This post also includes Spend Matters’ rapid analysis of how the news could permanently reshape the structure of the enterprise CLM market.

Download the report to learn about the :

  • Strength of the Icertis-SAP Partnership
  • Product Gap Analysis: Why a Customer Would Turn to Icertis in addition to SAP Ariba Contracts
  • Deal Rationale: A Partnered SAP and Icertis Create a Wide and Deep Enterprise CLM Play

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