Resources and information on Icertis’ actions to address the COVID-19 pandemic

Icertis is committed to the health and safety of our employees, community, customers and partners.

In responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, we summarize our approach as “our four rings of responsibility”:

  • Take care of self
  • Take care of family
  • Take care of community
  • Take care of business

The Four Rings of Responsibility build off our core FORTE values—Fairness, Openness, Respect, Teamwork and Execution. FORTE has been central to everything we have done as a company since it was founded in 2009, and we see the Four Rings of Responsibility as our way of amplifying our FORTE values to ensure we do our part to help win the battle against COVID-19.

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Take care of self

In order to empower Icertians to take care of themselves, Icertis has moved quickly to provide our 1,300+ workforce the tools and infrastructure they need to work safely from home, which is now mandated for all employees globally aside from those designated as essential staff. We have also halted all non-essential international as well as domestic business travel so team members can stay healthy and safe.

Given that this is a fluid situation, we are actively monitoring the recommendations of local health authorities and will continue to update our employees accordingly.

Take care of family

After empowering our employees to work from home and care for themselves, we also want to enable them to focus on caring for their families. It’s not unlike what they say on airplanes: first put the mask on yourself so you can then help those around you.

We have a deep sense of gratitude for our employees’ families that are supporting them wholeheartedly in these new working arrangements. We understand that people around the world are spending each day balancing work and caring for their extended families. Some of our teams have even carved out time to introduce their families over video conferencing, to make this human connection even stronger.

We consider pets as part of our Icertis “family” and many are popular visitors to our offices. As we’ve been working remotely to do our part to flatten the curve during COVID-19, we have even invited our Icertis furry friends to our some of our virtual meetings.

Serving our local communities

Icertis invests in corporate giving programs where we live, work and play. In this chaotic time, we know that caring for our communities is more important than ever, and have shifted resources to do our part to help the fight against COVID-19 and its effects.

Every weekday, at our major offices, our employees gather for a company-catered lunch; however, with all non-essential employees working remotely, we have discontinued this practice. So, while we are working from home, we’re donating these funds to charities in our local communities.

  • We made a $50,000 donation to the Seattle-based Alliance for Education. This donation will help provide almost 25,000 meals to Puget Sound school children who are in need due to school closures.
  • We contributed ₹25 lakhs to Naidu Hospital, located in Pune, India, which has been designated for COVID-19 treatment by the Pune Municipal Corporation. The contribution will be used to provide personal protection equipment—including N95 masks, gloves and sanitizers—to ensure the safety of doctors, nurses and staff at the hospital, who are working tirelessly to combat the virus.
  • And in Frankfurt, we donated a total of €10,000 to the Red Cross’ recently launched coronavirus response program “Nachbarschaftshilfe in der Corona-Krise” – Helping Your Neighbor During the Corona Crisis. Our donation will be used to provide support to high-risk groups such as the elderly, including finding care assistants, auxiliary cooks and individuals with medical backgrounds to meet their needs.
  • We also gave $100,000 to the University of Washington Medicine’s COVID-19 Response Fund to help provide care for vulnerable populations during the current pandemic. This contribution is specifically targeted to help protect immunosuppressed groups like cancer patients whose chemotherapy treatments make them especially susceptible to infections.
  • Additionally, we provided ₹15 lakhs to Haffkine Institute in Pune, India to further their efforts in testing a vaccine to neutralize the effects of COVID-19. The donation will be used to support Healthcare Heroes and patients with insurance costs, indemnity for nurses, doctors and investigators, drug supplies and consumables for sample testing in clinical trials.

Continuing to run our business and serve customers

It has been immensely gratifying to hear from customers the value the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform is delivering by enabling distributed and remote teams secure access to a unified, global single source of truth to maintain continuity of contracting operations.

To help our customers and communities through this difficult period, Icertis has challenged itself to identify creative ways to navigate the unforeseen obstacles presented by COVID-19.

  • Moving operations to the cloud
    We are leveraging Microsoft Azure technology to ensure that our engineers can maintain high-bandwidth, secure access to our infrastructure while working remotely. Read more about our move to the cloud from our CTO and Co-founder here.
  • Expanding customer support
    We are now offering complimentary 24×7 frontline support for all ICI end users at any of our customers. This will help ensure our customers can continue to maximize the value of their ICI investment, even if their internal support champions are unavailable. Learn more here and contact [email protected] if you have any questions or need rapid support.
  • Staying virtually connected
    Recognizing that travel is limited, we have rapidly converted all of our product demos, Icertis Connects customer events, and Icertis Amplify prospect roadshows into virtual online meetups and webinars. You can learn more and signup to attend.

Best practices for managing contracts amid commercial turbulence

The way we manage our contracts today will define our tomorrow. The current pandemic has revealed quite a bit about the state of contract management and how companies are reacting to the disruption COVID-19 is creating in the marketplace. We are continuously sharing insights from our customers and experts to help guide you and your business during these difficult times.

ICI product resources

Leverage the ICI platform to respond to market disruption

With Icertis Contract Intelligence, companies can access their contracts from anywhere in the world and apply AI to extract relevant clauses and metadata for faster decision making.

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Contracts and COVID-19: AI Powered Answers in Times of Uncertainty

In this on-demand webinar, contract management technology experts Monish Darda, Niranjan Umarane and Bernadette Bulacan share how artificial intelligence is being deployed to quickly extract data and enable commercial and contract professionals to work more confidently as they respond to COVID-19.

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