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Today’s healthcare payers operate in an ever-changing and complex regulatory and commercial environment. The marketplace is continually disrupted by news of acquisitions, mergers and emerging players, while regulatory uncertainty continues to create huge challenges for businesses.

If left unaddressed, these challenges can lead to legal liability, revenue leakage in the form of incorrect billing or reimbursement and poor provider experiences. Disruptions presented by new industry players, new regulations and new technologies are not isolated: New technologies can enable industry upstarts as well as prompt new regulations.

Digital innovations represent an opportunity for organizations that successfully adopt them and an existential threat to those that don’t. Embracing new technologies to digitally transform an entire enterprise can make companies more resilient in the face of these regulatory and competitive challenges.

At the forefront of these new technologies is contract lifecycle management (CLM). Healthcare companies realize that re-imagining contract management and the insights from contracts data are key to facing the huge challenges in today’s competitive marketplace. This is because contracts define how a business runs.

Download this whitepaper and learn how Icertis and PwC are providing payers with benefits throughout their value chain with contract intelligence.

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