Usability & Productivity

Drive adoption across the enterprise with a convenient, contextual, best-in-class experience for both users and administrators, featuring full mobility support, deep MS Office integration, and configurable personalization.

Contextual User Experience

Drive quick adoption and usage with an easy, intuitive user interface. The Icertis Contract Management platform makes it easy for users to personalize their experience and see only information that is important to them. The platform’s simplicity enables general business users to easily work with it without any training, with contract information that is always relevant to their context. Advanced users and administrators can maintain the platform without any technical knowledge.

Dashboards and Personalization

Get easy, real-time visibility with role-based dashboards that track key metrics and statistics around workflow, compliance, financials, and user actions. Users can access dashboards through both the web interface and mobile devices. Administrators can easily configure dashboards to track contract lifecycle, contract statistics, and metrics and publish them for user groups. Individual users can easily create new dashboard metrics and personalize their dashboards to track what is important to them.

Microsoft Office Integration

Enhance productivity and user experience with deep Microsoft Office integration. Users can work in Microsoft Word to set up templates and draft and review agreements, with full access to the clause library and all data synched to the system. Leverage the Microsoft Excel Add-In for bulk updates and actions on agreements and associated documents. Integration with Outlook enables the automated intake of emails and attachments.

Mobile Experience

Increase user productivity, flexibility, and satisfaction with native mobile support on iOS, Android, and Windows. The Icertis contract management mobile apps enable users to get push notifications on tasks, view dashboards, search and view contracts and associated information, take approval actions, update notes, take actions on commitments and perform other contract-related tasks. Touch-friendly web access is also available on tablets and other mobile devices with browser support for IE, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.