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Enterprises need more than contract storage. They need a system that helps them realize the full intent of their contracts.


Today’s enterprises have complex contracting needs. In a volatile market with shifting regulatory requirements and tension on the balance sheet, businesses want more than a glorified document management system that stores their contracts.

Contract intelligence, available only with Icertis, is a transformational approach to contract lifecycle management trusted by three out of every ten companies in the Fortune Global 500.

The Icertis Difference

Enterprise-Grade Features

  Icertis Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C Competitor D
Parse, tag & normalize contract data  Yes No Yes No No
AI-driven obligation management with alerts & notifications (post-signature)   Yes Yes No No No
Out-of-the-box Integration with transactional systems   SAP Ariba,
SAP Fieldglass,
SAP Ariba (procurement only),
(Salesforce, Coupa, No SAP)  
(SAP Ariba, Workday, NetSuite)  
End-to-end integration with SAP across the enterprise (buy-side and sell-side)   Yes No No No No
GRC system integration (AuditBoard, Brightleaf)   Yes No Yes
No No
Open API endpoints for building integrations, extensions & custom apps   160+ Yes Yes Yes Yes
Native integration & seamless experience with Microsoft Word, Outlook & Teams   Yes No No No No
Deep vertical expertise and vertical-specific preconfigured solutions   Yes No No No No
Multilingual, custom language & multicurrency support   Yes Yes No Yes No

Introducing Icertis Contract Intelligence


Built expressly for the enterprise, Icertis contract intelligence harnesses the power of data and AI to increase revenue, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and manage risk, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to offer unmatched value. Icertis enables new insights with every contract to help your business scale, while also delivering deep vertical functionality to address the unique challenges of each industry.

“What we figured out is you need the revolution behind that revolution, and that’s the enterprise transformation that’s all about digital,” says Jan Brecht, Chief Information Officer of Mercedes-Benz.

Traditional contract management solutions may be “good enough” for businesses willing to settle for the status quo, but contract intelligence is for the market visionaries that are creating pathways to long-term growth. Large-scale enterprises managing thousands, if not millions, of contracts need AI to drive strategic decision-making with contract data, and the ability to integrate that data with core systems across their business.

Icertis goes beyond the basics to deliver these must-haves, combining purpose-built AI with a rich data lake of 2 billion metadata and transactional elements across +10 million contracts to surface actionable insights from your existing commercial agreements. Through strategic partnerships with SAP, Microsoft, and the largest professional services firms in the world, Icertis offers out-of-the-box integrations with the solutions you rely on to run your business, connecting contract data with the processes it powers to accelerate enterprise-level digital transformation.

Strategic Partnerships

“Icertis is differentiating on a number of pathways here, potentially playing chess while many other vendors are playing checkers, when it comes to value.” 

– IDC Research


“The notion that CLM is too difficult to implement is about as false as saying that risk and compliance is too complex. Businesses are complex and becoming even more so because of how many connections they have, how global they are, the speed of innovation, and the role of digitization.” – Alla Valente, Senior Analyst at Forrester

The bottom line? If your business wants to do more than follow the competition, you need the best of the best.


Don’t settle for a solution you will outgrow as your enterprise continues to scale. It may seem like more work on the surface, but the long-term results will pay dividends for years to come.  

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