Intelligent Transactions

Leverage contracts as the single source of truth for obligations and entitlements between you and your trading partners

Ensure the intent of every relationship is correctly memorialized and fully realized

Contracts define the rules by which businesses work with each other, and the benefits companies intend to gain from their relationships. Yet, for many organizations, matching what’s written in the contract and what’s delivered in the real world is manual and labor-intensive. Little surprise, then, that the average contract sees 9.2% of its value eroded due to poor contract management. Value erosion doesn’t just hurt the bottom line; it hurts trust between businesses.

Icertis Contract Intelligence enables companies to build trust with their network of customers, suppliers, partners, and employees by transforming contracts into a single source of truth for obligations and entitlements. This helps companies foster customer loyalty, nurture strategic suppliers, ensure full compliance, and drive long-term employee retention.

With intelligent transactions driven by contract intelligence, relationships grow stronger, built on trust, because the intent of every contract is correctly captured – and fully realized.

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