Intelligent Operations

Add a powerful layer of orchestration and control with connected contract data

Integrate contract data with other systems for automated workflows and supercharged value

Contracts play a crucial role across business processes, like source-to-settle and quote-to-cash. Yet, for many organizations, contracts and their data are siloed and inaccessible to the systems that drive those processes, including CRM, SCM, and ERP. This disconnect slows business down and creates risk.

Icertis Contract Intelligence transforms the critical information in contracts into structured and on-demand data, then connects that data to operational systems to automate workflow and deliver insights across the organization. Connect contract data with CRM for a complete view of a customer relationship; SCM for improved supply chain agility; and ERP for operational efficiencies.

With intelligent operations driven by contract intelligence, business runs better because systems are connected across departments, allowing processes to flow smoothly—supercharging value for the enterprise.


Icertis Contract Intelligence

Standardize, streamline, and automate every contract – everywhere

Transforming contracts into structured, connected, and on-demand data is just the beginning. Discover the power of intelligent contract creation, automation, and insights to realize the full intent and maximize the value of every contract, clause, and obligation across the enterprise.

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