Intelligent Contracting

Make every business interaction with contracts better through intelligent automation

Empower your teams with contracting processes that are as innovative as they are

Contracts touch every part of a business. In fact, according to World Commerce & Contracting, 25% of a company’s workforce, on average, interacts with contracts regularly. That’s why manual, disjointed contract management processes destroy value, stifle innovation, and create risk. Icertis Contract Intelligence delivers contracting capabilities that help every department run better:

  • Sales organizations can drive faster revenue through shorter turnaround times
  • Procurement teams can onboard vendors seamlessly through automated source-to-contract
  • Legal teams can gain complete visibility across all contracts through a centralized cloud platform
  • Finance teams can be sure that every deal is negotiated with the best terms for the business

With intelligent contracting driven by contract intelligence, departments work faster and more effectively because automated contracts deliver relevant insights and alerts at just the right time—accelerating growth with every contract touch point in the organization.

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