Some of the most pressing challenges facing today’s pharmaceutical companies can be solved by thinking differently about the intersection of contracts and business processes. We have harnessed insights from our customers, partners, and CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta (yes, really) to help the pharmaceutical leaders of today and tomorrow strategize on how they can do more with CLM than they ever thought possible to improve their business in ways they never imagined.

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A New Approach for New Challenges

Today’s pharmaceutical companies are facing unprecedented levels of complexity and uncertainty. Accelerated pace of business, market consolidation, and emerging business models built on diverse partner ecosystems are just a few of the trends disrupting how pharma companies bring their critical products to market.

At their core, each of these challenges can be overcome by thinking differently about contracts. Contracts define how pharmaceutical companies run—from the onboarding of new CROs and management of complex IP deals to commercial operations with PBMs and GPOs.

How Contract Intelligence Can Help

Today, the most iconic and disruptive names in pharma are using contract intelligence to stay out in front of these trends.

With contract intelligence, these companies are:

with faster supplier onboarding, automated clinical trial contracting, and self-service contracting

through standardization of contract terms across even the most complex global operations and automated rebate and royalty management

with continuous, AI-powered monitoring of contracts governing heavily regulated areas including R&D and HCP

Gain inspiration from Icertis’ unrivaled expertise in contract intelligence for pharmaceutical companies, including insights from industry peers and Icertis’ unmatched partner ecosystem, including:

  • How Sanofi accelerated its global business with high-value metrics on contract processes
  • How BeiGene leveraged organization-wide contract intelligence to support its global approach to fighting cancer
  • Insights from Deloitte on the future of clinical trials
  • And more …

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