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Online – EMEA, Germany

The COVID-19 crisis has posed previously unexpected questions around current contracts and how to better design and leverage them to succeed. However, it has also introduced a rare moment in time where we can collaborate to solve today’s problem AND future proof our contracts for inevitable catalyst events. How has COVID ushered us into a ‘Golden Age’ of Contracting? What practical considerations should be considered to transform the Contracting process? And how can we position Legal for the ‘new normal’?

In this webinar you will walk away with insights to create easy-to-surface contracts, drive template harmonization and explore the evolving role of General Counsel Leadership to ensure this becomes a ‘Golden Age.’ Join Bernadette Bulacan, Vice President, Lead Evangelist at Icertis as she discusses this potential new era with Alistair Maiden, CEO at SYKE, to work to overcome Legal’s mindset and drive the excitement and possibility technology delivers.

In this webinar Bernadette and Alistair will explore:

  • How the COVID-19 crisis has created an opportunity to drive a ‘Golden Age’ of Contracting?
  • What are the best practices to transform contracting processes? Template harmonization? Digital Playbook? Creating a legal ‘front door’ to triage and assign?
  • Becoming a data-driven legal department
  • The new and evolving role of General Counsel Leadership During and Post-COVID: how to position Legal for the New Normal
  • How do we ensure that there is a mindset shift and this becomes a ‘Golden Age’ of technology and bespoke agreements?

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