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In today’s interconnected world, trust within and between businesses is continually put to the test. Suppliers need businesses to trust that they will deliver goods and services on time. Corporate customers need to trust that businesses are safeguarding their data. And businesses must trust that suppliers are upholding workplace standards and ethics. But with supply chains and business units spread across the globe, and most transactions, trades and negotiations taking place remotely, it has become ever harder for businesses to build and maintain trust.

As any business leader knows, trust is built slowly and over time, but it can be broken almost overnight. And where it fails, businesses stand to lose not just profits and reputation, but human capital too. But while business leaders say they recognise the importance of trust, there appears to be an action gap. A PwC survey of 503 business executives in the US revealed that 50% of the companies surveyed had not defined what trust meant to their business, and even fewer had embedded it as part of their business strategy.

Covid-19 demonstrated starkly the disruptive effects of a global crisis, and the strains and expectations placed on business as a result. With companies navigating an increasing number of everyday threats, from the impacts of climate change to rising cybersecurity risks, businesses need to be able to rely on their relationships to ride out the storms. Trust can be a powerful tool in the corporate arsenal, but strategic thinking is required to place it front and centre in business strategy.

Programmed by Economist Impact and sponsored by Icertis, this webinar will convene business representatives, consultants and thought leaders to examine how companies can strengthen trust in business-to-business relationships to improve profits, performance and resilience.

The questions we will seek to address include:

● Is there a trust deficit in business-to-business relationships? How did covid-19 impact trust in business relationships?

● To what extent can trust be defined, quantified and measured?

● What are the key drivers of trust within a business? What factors do stakeholders value most?

● How can businesses put trust at the centre of their corporate purpose and business strategies? What lessons can be learned and applied?

● To what extent is trust a determinant of business success? How can trust improve business performance and outcomes?

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