NEW REPORT: The State of CLM and AI-Powered Contract Intelligence

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Learn more about contract intelligence

Contract Intelligence delivers contract lifecycle management software that handles any contract from any part of the organization. Here are some resources that highlight its powerful capabilities:

Contract Risk Isn't Going Anywhere - Here's How to Manage It

What if you could use contracts to better predict and insulate against risks that are over the horizon?

Value of Icertis Contract Intelligence

See how Icertis has driven speed, performance, scale, and visibility at real companies just like yours.

Streamlining Source to Contract With Contract Intelligence

Learn how companies can save millions in leakage and accelerate the buying process while improving vendor relationships and optimizing supply chain performance.

AI Applications

Turning contract data into actionable insights

AI translates static contracts into strategic assets, helping maximize every dollar that moves in and out of the enterprise. AI applications structure contract data providing deeper analyses, actionable insights, and automation at scale.

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Business Applications

Boosting critical business performance

Contract intelligence enhances performance in critical business areas with a flexible array of specialized business applications that integrate seamlessly with existing systems such as SAP. These applications include Sourcing, Risk Management, Proposal Management, and more.

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