Microsoft wanted a contract life-cycle management platform for its Information Exchange Agreements (similar to non-disclosure agreements), that would help:

  • Increase contracting speed
  • Reduce cost of contracting
  • Improve customer, partner and employee satisfaction

Business Challenge

  • Information exchange agreements: About 115,000 employees, about 650,000 partners and countless customers, resulting in a huge number of non-disclosure agreements
  • Fragmented contract management process, decentralized storage across operations in 100 countries
  • Lengthy and time-consuming process, both internally and with external parties
  • Required state-of-the-art search and retrieval capability
  • The platform had to be extremely scalable and user-friendly for a potential global user base exceeding 100,000 users


Of all the vendors we evaluated, Icertis gave us the best option to custom build our solution. We have deployed the product globally, with great user adoption and high satisfaction.
Michel Gahard
Associate General Counsel, Microsoft

Icertis delivered the custom-built solution on Icertis IP to Microsoft and met the company’s unique requirements. The Icertis Contract Management platform provided the necessary scalability and robustness needed for a large enterprise deployment.

  • Leveraged the power of Microsoft technologies across multiple devices
  • Secure and private, with easy access to the extended enterprise
  • Reliable, scalable, flexible and quick to deploy
  • Intuitive user interface across diverse global user base
  • Governance: auditable reporting and compliance notification alerts
  • Eliminated all manual steps with complete automation
  • Integration with DocuSign for e-signature capabilities
  • Contract management mobile application for contracting on the move
  • Search and retrieval feature to locate an agreement quickly
  • Smart feature to avoid duplicates
  • Authoring, approval, execution and storage in one system


  • Reduced contract administration costs by 40%
  • Improved speed of contracting by 60%
  • Improved customer, partner and employee satisfaction
  • Improved auditable contracting compliance and administration
  • Extremely quick deployment of the system across the enterprise user base in just 12 weeks

Icertis delivered a custom-built solution on Icertis IP that added significant value to Microsoft while addressing its distinct needs.

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