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XL Axiata Maximizes Contract Visibility and Drives Compliance with Contract Intelligence

Large telecom automates and integrates procurement contracts to fuel performance and compliance.

Business Challenge

XL Axiata, a leading telecommunications company in Indonesia, handles a large volume of contracts associated with sourcing, lease & facility management, partnerships, and sales. However, inefficient management of these documents was holding the organization back.

XL Axiata lacked visibility into their contracts and the terms within them. The contracting and PO systems were not integrated, making it difficult for the company to manage the end-to-end procurement and finance process in a timely and compliant manner. This strained business relationships and, in some cases, resulted in irregularities in the workflow from procurement to contract, and contract to invoicing and payment.

XL Axiata needed to get a handle on its contracts, understand the terms within them, and deliver on the agreed-upon term.


XL Axiata wanted an enterprise-wide contract management solution to ensure compliance while integrating with active business systems. It chose the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform for its ability to standardize and automate the contracting process, integrate with other enterprise systems such as ERP and CRM, and assign tasks and obligations to the appropriate teams. 

While the project started in procurement, sales, partnership, and facility management were all key parts of the selection process. This put the telecom on a path to creating a single source of truth for all contracts in the organization. 

The integration with Coupa was critical in optimizing the sourcing process, helping XL with spend governance by tracking obligations, and ensuring all contractual terms were fulfilled.

Icertis’ integration into XL’s current systems decreased time spent on contract generation through the creation of a template and clause library. The integration with Coupa was critical in optimizing the sourcing process, helping XL with spend governance by tracking obligations, and ensuring all contractual terms were fulfilled. 


To date, XL Axiata has digitized 200,000 contracts within ICI with full visibility into each. The company has standardized 17 templates and automated critical contracting processes. 

ICI’s integrations into business systems have increased visibility enterprise-wide, allowing the appropriate business units to monitor contractual obligations and to take action when necessary.

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