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Sanofi Optimizes Global Procurement with Icertis Contract Intelligence

The global pharmaceutical giant worked with Icertis to eliminate contracting pain points and improve global visibility.

Contract Intelligence Objective

Gain visibility into buy-side contracts to facilitate global expansion.

Solution Highlights

  • Consolidated contracts in more than 100 countries into a single repository library of clauses and documents to enforce consistency of standards across markets
  • Contract cycle time reduced by 50%
  • Improved visibility helped managers define contract management roles

Business Challenge

With a presence in more than 100 countries, Sanofi needed help managing its contracts and enforcing consistent standards and clauses in each place. Contract performance and visibility varied widely from market to market.

As Sanofi pursued a program of ambitious and sustained global expansion, executives wanted to streamline and standardize operations. When asked to identify pain points preventing efficient operations, managers identified contract management as a crucial, high-value priority.

Contract cycle times were too high and unpredictable. Contract data lived across 60 different systems.

Stakeholders wanted to gain predictability in contract cycle times and use it to accelerate business velocity.

The Solution

After studying their options, Sanofi selected and implemented the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform to govern all procurement contracts globally.

Sanofi leaders now know how many contracts they must manage, and what information is included in those contracts, in every market. Before implementing ICI, Sanofi didn’t have that information globally. 

Since deploying Icertis, the company has seen an impressive 50% reduction in contract cycle time. This has led to faster speed-to-market while also improving visibility into the contracting process.

Now, executives can measure contract cycle times, including how long it takes to generate, approve, and execute a contract. Decision-makers can exercise greater discipline in the contract process and determine each new document’s who, what, and when.

And because ICI is easy to integrate, Sanofi was able to link the platform with its SAP and Coupa P2P solutions. This means even greater visibility into the procurement contracting process.

The Results

Since deploying ICI, the company has seen an impressive 50% reduction in contract cycle time. This has led to faster speed-to-market while also improving visibility into the contracting process. 

Contract managers at Sanofi report that the platform has become indispensable in their operations.

"I use it in my daily activities," says Raoul Enait, Head of Contract Specialists at Sanofi. "It allows us to have a short process, a lean process. It's something I can't imagine being without.

"It covers the end-to-end process."

Since ICI has already created value and success in operations on the buy-side, Sanofi leaders have begun to study the usefulness of implementing ICI for sell-side and healthcare professional contracting. The legal department has already started work on a library of document templates and clauses to further enforce business standards and practices across all operations.

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