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Moda Health Selects Icertis to Remain Out in Front with Contract Intelligence

Moda Health, a leading health insurance company in the Pacific Northwest, selected the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform to better manage its large volume of provider agreements and ensure regulatory compliance as the company expands geographically.

Moda chose Icertis because of the platform’s native flexibility and track record of solving complex healthcare challenges. Specifically, the platform will be able to manage financial incentive modeling related to provider agreements and automatically attach associated documents to agreement records. In addition to provider agreements, ICI will support employer agreements and increase compliance, privacy, and security across all contracts.

“At Moda Health, we are passionate about helping customers with innovative, evidence-based health plans and diverse provider networks,” said Dave Nesseler-Cass, Chief Compliance Officer, Moda Health. “We needed a contract management system that would allow us the opportunity to unlock business value from our agreements organization-wide. The increased contract intelligence we get from the ICI platform will increase our efficiency, deliver critical insights into our provider agreements, and improve our compliance auditing process.”

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