NEW REPORT: The State of CLM and AI-Powered Contract Intelligence

MassTech enhances compliance and oversight while increasing contract visibility and user adoption

Business Challenge

MassTech is a public agency that handles multi-million-dollar projects for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The organization struggled for years with a cumbersome, customized contract management system that was further constrained by a manual paper process.

Users across the organization wanted more visibility and standardization in the contracting process: It was hard to know where contracts were in the workflow. In addition, outdated language and templates were used inadvertently. As a result, adoption of the system was low, slowdowns were common and staff efficiency was directly impacted.


The Icertis platform helped MassTech completely change the way it managed contracts via an intuitive user interface, standardized and easy-to-configure templates, flexible workflows, and a transparent view of the overall process and agreements across all stages. Improved ease of use and seamless integration with Microsoft Office products has led to far greater adoption by agency staff.

“We selected the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform because of its flexible workflow, the transparency it provides users into our contracting process and its intuitive user interface,” says Marybeth Dixon, Senior Manager of Corporate Systems & Financial Operations at MassTech.


  • Improved adoption
  • Better visibility into the workflow, helping to identify bottlenecks
  • Ensured contract compliance
  • Allowed staff to manage more types of agreements, unifying approvals in one system
  • Enabled a more efficient end-to-end process
“The flexibility of the system allows us to have many different types of agreements and to easily see the relationships between them,” says Dixon. “Our users are now able to see where their agreements are in the workflow process, something we were lacking in the past. Having standardized templates in Icertis has further streamlined our internal processes, as all of the legal and contracting language is kept current in these templates.”

Over 75% of employees now use the contract intelligence software & system, whether to initiate, approve or view contracts. Additionally, the agency’s finance department reports increased oversight due to the system’s automated checks on the financial aspects of contracts prior to payment.

Public Sector

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