Granite Construction Creates Single Source of Truth for Contracts with Icertis

“Our contracts were everywhere. We had no idea what people were sending out and what they were having signed,” says Lynne Levassar, procurement systems analyst with Granite.

Business Challenge

Granite is a heavy civil contractor with operations across the United States. While contracts are central to their commercial success, the company did not have a standardized way of storing these foundational documents. One contract may be sitting on a person’s desk while another was stashed in a filing cabinet. When issues arose, legal would have to scramble to find the relevant contract, sometimes to no avail.

The company also needed a better way to ensure that the proper language was being included in contracts being signed. With no central location for contracts, compliance was difficult to track until it was too late.


Granite chose the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform to provide a single source of truth for all of its contracts. The company selected Icertis due to the platform’s ability to model Granite’s unique processes and address their specific challenges. For example, indemnity clauses are vital to Granite for mitigating risk. With ICI, the company’s risk department can closely manage those clauses across the company to ensure no deviations occur in the field.

“Nobody is skipping through indemnities. They can’t change those without approvals. They have a list of clauses they can use but if they go outside those, legal has to approve it,” Levassar says.

Levassar commended the Icertis team for working with Granite to understand their business and develop solutions for them.

“Icertis took the time to talk to get our business process documented,” says Levassar. “Everyone on the Icertis team was willing to jump in and accommodate the things that we thought mattered most to us.”


With Icertis, Granite today enjoys superior contract visibility and reduced risk with a system that fully captures Granite’s business process. The company is able to manage its indemnity clauses centrally from the risk department, ensuring there are no deviations in the field. Headquarters can also push master agreements such as labor contracts down into project-level agreements, reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

“Icertis is absolutely amazing. If you want customer service and someone to really listen to your needs, Icertis is the place to go,” Levassar says.

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