NEW REPORT: The State of CLM and AI-Powered Contract Intelligence

Genpact overhauls its contract management to increase profitability

Business Challenge

Because Genpact is a BPO organization, most of its MSAs and SOWs are on customer paper — long-term agreements with very detailed terms and KPIs. But Genpact’s process for capturing, tracking, and identifying potential problems with these commitments was manual. The manual process also resulted in a lack of visibility and long cycle times, slowing speed to market and delaying revenue recognition.


Genpact implemented the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform to automate and manage its entire end-to-end customer contract lifecycle, from request to expiry. All contractual commitments are now automatically identified and assigned to the correct business owners, and then tracked until fulfillment—with proactive alerts and escalations on potential delays or non-compliance.

Risk is automatically assessed throughout the contract lifecycle, with trigger alerts on potential high-risk incidents, such as potential non-fulfillment of a critical obligation that may result in a penalty. The executive team receives a consolidated and continuously updated risk assessment at both the contract and customer relationship levels. Stakeholders across the global organization can now access the same consistent and accurate data throughout the entire contract process, increasing visibility and improving analysis for business decisions. By using the ICI platform to transform a paper-based system, the company can easily scale to meet the demands of its rapidly growing client base.


“Icertis Contract Intelligence has helped us improve contract compliance by streamlining and automating the way we monitor and manage SLA and SOW commitments, cutting what was a two-week contract cycle by 50 to 60 percent,” says Sanjeev Prasad, CIO, Genpact. “Not only has this improved visibility into the process across all our customers—big and small—but it’s also enabled us to get things done more quickly and increase our speed to market.”

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