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Airtel streamlines complex global contract management

Business Challenge

A $14B global telecommunications company, Airtel outsourced the majority of its critical business operations. All the while, it manually generated a large number of complex contracts in multiple languages with no standardized templates or contract management process, no central storage location, and limited visibility across the organization.

Icertis delivered high ROI and enabled Airtel to get its contract management operations under control with rapid implementation. Not monitoring supplier SLAs stringently could impact infrastructure, revenue, and customers.


Thanks to the flexible and intuitive nature of the Icertis platform, Airtel was able to quickly implement an enterprise-wide multilingual contract management system. The company standardized its library of clauses and templates and created a rules-driven selection process. Contracts now live in a central repository that is visible across the organization and includes analytics and reporting capabilities.

What’s more, Airtel can define SLA terms and capture periodic SLA data from contractors and evaluate that data against contract targets. It also created custom alerts to flag any SLAs at risk of getting off track.


Quickly implemented for Global Sourcing contracts, a major spend. Managed 450 new, strategic, high-value contracts within 6 months. Reduced cycle time for contracts. Greatly improved contract visibility and compliance. Provided up-to-date transactional visibility on contract status.

Airtel implemented a single contract management platform at corporate headquarters in just a few months and is soon rolling out across 15 countries. Now the organization can proactively track and enforce contract SLAs for better operational performance. With the enterprise-wide visibility and consistent process provided by the Icertis Contract Management platform, Airtel now enjoys smoother contracting as well as the peace of mind that its contracts are well managed.

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