Accenture improves the legal experience and unlocks the value of contract data.

As a global professional services business, Accenture has a Legal team of more than 2,800 professionals in 46 countries who negotiate and execute thousands of highly customized, multi-lingual legal documents every month. Until recently, the process for managing contracts from sale origination to final signatures and execution had been largely manual and localized in SharePoint sites, creating significant challenges for all involved: version control, ambiguity about contract status, low visibility on related client agreements, reduced collaboration, and efficiency.

Accenture selected the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform to address Accenture’s requirements for a contracting tool and the potential to operate at an enterprise scale.



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Drive customer-focused success in a rapidly changing business landscape with contract intelligence tailored to consulting services. Discover how Icertis Contract Intelligence empowers your organization with enhanced visibility, faster contract turnaround time, and proactive obligation tracking.

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