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Accenture Transforms Contracting, Amplifies Contract Value with Icertis

The Icertis Contract Intelligence platform delivers on Accenture’s vision for an intelligent contract solution that empowers legal as a data-driven enterprise partner.

Contract Intelligence Objective 

Digitize contracts and unlock the value of data to reduce risk and improve the contracting experience.

Solution Highlights 

  • Platform accessed by nearly 3,000 legal professionals across 46 countries
  • 20+ contract types and 20+ variations supported on deployment
  • More than 90,000 contracts and 1,500+ client-specific templates onboarded in the system within the first nine months of rollout

The Challenge

As a global professional services business, Accenture has an extensive legal team of more than nearly 3,000 professionals in 46 countries who deal with thousands of highly customized, multilingual legal documents every month.

These contracts are critical business assets, defining how Accenture runs, and the legal team recognized an opportunity to leverage technology that transformed the contracting process from a transactional function to a data-driven partner providing valued guidance and better service.

To realize this ambitious vision, Accenture needed to transform their entire contracting experience with new capabilities, data analytics, and integration with key systems. Specifically, they recognized the need for a modern contracting platform to empower legal to work with other teams, particularly Sales, to work more effectively to reach shared goals.

The Solution

Accenture selected the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform because of its unmatched technology and ability to address Accenture’s requirements for a contracting tool with the potential to operate at enterprise scale.

Accenture needed an end-to-end contracting process—from requests, drafting, and reviews to final signature, execution, and applied intelligence across the portfolio.

 Icertis was powerful enough to meet all stakeholder requirements and set teams up for long-term success. The result was a single platform solution where all contract management, digitization, and approvals live online.

Beyond basics like automated routing, search, and reporting, the Icertis platform delivered other critical features, like automated electronic signatures, a clause library and guided contracting, the ability to create contract families, and integration with other key sales and contract systems.

The Benefits

Digitized, centrally located contracts optimize workflows and promote transparency. Built-in advanced analytics yield powerful insights on the performance of Accenture’s entire contract portfolio. Dashboards track metrics like how long it takes to close deals by market, so teams can identify areas for troubleshooting and improve business outcomes.

“This depth of insight is game-changing—Accenture has a 360-degree view of a client relationship that delivers value to Accenture and its clients,” says Anand Pandya, Accenture’s Global Lead Counsel– Legal Technology & Innovation.

The contract visibility provided by the Icertis platform drives performance when handling complex client relationships across the globe. For Sales, the solution provides a single view of information across clients and contracts, including clear hand-offs and status updates with Legal. The contract workflow process is streamlined for Legal across the organization, with standardized and simplified contract tasks, shortening turnaround on high-volume contracts.


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