Roche Diagnostics grew from a small drug laboratory into one of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the world. They are committed to the early detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Biotech Innovator Roche Leverages Icertis to Improve the Quality of Life

By rebuilding their contract management system on the Icertis Enterprise Contract Management Platform,
Roche Diagnostics is now able to scale to meet an increasing volume of contracts. Today, Roche has
the visibility into the contracting process from end-to-end. With a centralized document repository and
automation, they can focus on delivering a broad range of innovative pharmaceutical products that improve the quality of life of people around the world.

Business Challenge

Roche Diagnostics was overwhelmed by a steady rise in the number of contracts. Their old contract management system relied on manual processes.

With multiple stakeholders across the globe, creating and approving contracts was a time-consuming process, prone to errors and fraught with risks.


Icertis worked closely with Roche legal specialists to design a solution tailored to their needs. The contract management software solution Icertis delivered facilitates collaboration between stakeholders, while reducing contract administration costs.

In addition, the system enables Roche to easily monitor and report on contractual obligations, a critical component when seeking to ensure compliance and reduce contractual risks.


The Roche legal team was immediately impressed with the new contract management platform. The new solution featured an easy-to-use interface that encouraged user adoption and reduced training time. Architected from the ground up to be flexible and scalable, the new contract management platform is designed to integrate into other applications, and can be easily customized to meet new requirements in the future.

  • Created a centralized document repository
  • Significantly reduced loss of revenue
  • Automated contract creation
  • Improved process compliance and administration
  • Introduced features including contract risk profiling, clause deviation analysis, commitment tracking and audit trails

“Icertis’ innovative approach to process streamlining and automation — using SharePoint — helped plug revenue leakage, and set us up for working even more closely with our sales teams.”
Rita Kale, Head of Finance, Roche Diagnostics

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