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Microsoft is a world leader in software, services, devices and technology solutions. Microsoft has 115,000 employees and 650,000 partners across 100+ countries.


Microsoft and Icertis Have Worked Closely Together on Several Implementations

Here are a few success stories of implementing Icertis Contract Management for Microsoft:

Microsoft Partner Incentives Case Study

Microsoft streamlined its complex partner-incentive contracting process

Microsoft jointly sponsors many events with its over 650,000 partners worldwide, and those partners earn incentive payments for the role the events play in driving additional customers and revenue to Microsoft. The Icertis Contract Management platform provided a secure and cost-effective solution that greatly simplified Microsoft’s process for onboarding these partners, verifying their compliance with contractual obligations, and executing their incentive payments.

Microsoft Information Exchange Agreements (NDAs) Case Study

Microsoft Streamlined Its Contract Management

Microsoft wanted a contract life-cycle management platform for its Information Exchange Agreements (similar to non-disclosure agreements), that would help:

  • Increase contracting speed
  • Reduce cost of contracting
  • Improve customer, partner and employee satisfaction

Microsoft Retail Stores Case Study

Microsoft stores improve visibility into retail expansion

Microsoft wanted to get more insight into its growing network of retail stores and the complex array of contracts related to each one. The Icertis Contract Management platform provided predictive analytics and a visual dashboard that integrates with Bing Maps, greatly improving visibility into business operations and productivity across all Microsoft stores.

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