Contracting Basics

Learn the Contract Management Basics

Not sure what is a SOW, SLA, an Adhesion contract and more? Learn the contract management basics here.

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How To Write a Solid Statement of Work

A good statement of work should accurately define the scope and KPIs of a working arrangement, clearly defining responsibilities and avoiding any misinterpretations.

What is Contract Authoring?

Contract authoring is one of the foundational steps in the contract lifecycle management process where the agreement is created. Poor contract authoring frequently involves clauses scattered throughout many documents, subpar governance across contracts, development tracking breakdowns, lackluster line item management, and breakdowns in contract unification and subcontracting. Standardized language reduces business risk. Automation of contract management authoring with templates and clauses improves consistency and governance and enables more efficient self-service authoring.

Contract Management Solutions: How to Deliver Total Enterprise-wide Value

Transformational contract management solutions help to reduce risk, increase speed and agility, and add value around a range of different business functions.

What is a Wet Signature and Why should you Care?

What’s a wet signature & how is it different from an electronic signature or digital signature? Contract lifecycle management (CLM) plus e-signatures equal business value.

The Importance of the End User License Agreement

What is a EULA, and why is it important? What should a EULA include, and what problems might exist that parties to an end-user license agreement should be aware of?

The Top Skills that make Contract Managers Great

Contract management has strategic importance. Organizations should seek to optimize people, processes, and technology to manage legal agreements for maximum business value. Great contract managers understand the pivotal role they play, and they bring a unique mix of technical and interpersonal skills to the table.

Contract of Adhesion: Benefits and Enforceability

Most of us are very familiar with the concept of a contract of adhesion – even if we might not be acquainted with the term itself. Adhesion contracts – also known as boilerplate or standard form contracts – are generally a “take it or leave it” proposition. Discover their benefits, potential drawbacks, and enforceability under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Explore effective contract management solutions with Icertis Contract Intelligence to protect your company's interests and optimize efficiency.

Independent Contractor Agreements: Beyond the Boilerplate

Independent contractor agreements play a critical role in protecting your company from risk and ensuring you get the best possible value from your service providers. Generic boilerplate contracts are risky because they fail to account for the differences in law across multiple jurisdictions. By implementing a CLM system that simplifies the creation of custom independent contractor agreements, your organization can remain efficient and agile, while also reducing costs.

Contract Management Software for the Healthcare Industry

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software helps healthcare organizations to manage risk more effectively, simplify compliance, reduce complexity, and increase efficiency.

Contract Analytics Software

Our powerful analytics surface intuitive and actionable insights that provide better visibility into performance metrics at all stages of the contract lifecycle, including negotiation, approval, performance, and expiry/renewal, allowing you to find new sources of value in your contract processes.